Monday, September 6, 2010

Dress from there.

I have worked all day on sewing this dress, which I have decided is straight from the under world. All I have to show for it is the bodice. That just frustrates me to the point of being pissed off at it. As I posted earlier, I am making Butterick 6582 view C which is a reprint of a vintage or retro style pattern from the 60's. It is called a wiggles dress or Jackie O, as it looks like something she would wear. If I figure it out, it would make a killer LBD for my Hepburn project. I will see what the finished product is before a final opinion, but if you ask me at the moment I am hating it. I knew there would be a couple of hiccups along the way, I adjusted the length of the bodice because I am long waisted but forgot to widen the bodice to allow for my waist. I have come to the conclusion that it is time to get very serious about loosing some inches. I think that I have conquered the waist issue as I let out all the darts a little. I am not at all what you would call full busted, so the darts for me are more for looks than function.

Okay, here comes the gripes. First of all, the pattern calls for a belt and buckle kit to make the fabric belt. I can't find one anywhere. I finally did find some waist shaper, stiffer interfacing type, for making waistbands and belts, so will use that. Not a big deal really as I can improvise fairly well with most situations. I will use a metal hook and eye, larger size like for fastening a skirt, on the belt and find a nice decorative button or piece to sew on instead of a buckle. May even add some red lace trim to the neck, buy a red belt, and wear it with my red shoes. What has proved to be a big deal, at least to me, is the totally mixed up directions for the pattern. One view is shown, then you go to the facings for the view I am making, but it doesn't really explain how to put the bodice together. I have ripped it apart about four times already, at least the side seams and darts any way. The diagram shows the facings sewn on with a zipper already attached, but I have not gotten to the steps to attach the circle skirt so there is no way the zipper can be inserted yet. I know there is at least one mistake on the bodice that just cannot be fixed with out ripping the whole thing apart and I am not doing that. Like they say on Project Runway..."make it work"... and I will. I am stopping for the evening, will start on the skirt in the morning. I am pretty darn good at skirts, and it is a simple circle skirt that is gathered on to the bodice, so should not be a problem. That zipper may be a different story, I am not at all comfortable in my abilities in that department. Maybe the sewing book I won will come soon and it will show me how to do zippers.

This is definitely a learning experience. I have learned that marking the pattern is very important. Less interfacing is sometimes a good thing to consider. I need to really work on darts. Which I will since the blouses I plan to make has them. Friday I finished up my bible cover. Three out of four projects is not so bad. If this dress works out, I will add it to my Self -Stitched September goals. I have four sets of blocks that someone had started making quilt tops from. I am going to finish them off for doll blankets to go to the church preschool. My quilt mentor, Mrs. S, and the other quilting ladies were shocked when another lady brought out a bag of scraps and tossed them in the trash. That is where the blocks came from that I am going to work on. They are really vintage, the colors are crayon bright, and there are blocks of hand embroidered stamped cross stitch animals sewn in along with some blocks of the pin wheel pattern. They are now saved from the trash and will be completed and taken to there new home at the preschool where they will have a purpose. I will post photos when I get them done.

I am worn out so am off to bed, have a crazy week coming up. Tomorrow, we get our photo taken for the pictorial directory at church. Mom goes in the afternoon, we go in the evening. Wednesday, there will be the bible study I attend, as well a evening trip to take Miss J to the church to help with Awanas. Thursday is always busy as well, then Friday night is football games. Saturday we are headed up the mountain to camp and ride the dirt bikes, me on a quad, and I am so looking forward to it. After I get this blue monster (dress) completed, I will be sure to get a quilt fix in by finishing those doll quilts before I cut out another thing, or make anything for mom. Although, she has me loaded with projects all at once, and letting me know they are waiting to be done, I will do them as I can. She wants them by winter, not sure what winter is and if it will ever get below 90 every again. Of course, in January, will probably be wondering if it will ever warm up again.

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