Tuesday, March 29, 2011


SPOILER ALERT. If you are involved in any swaps with me, you might see the card you are getting. Yesterday I just spent the day working on some cards. Not sure I am totally finished with one of them, but I will figure that out a little later. Later today I have a list of projects I need to make so will be working on that all afternoon. I just wanted to get in a quick post.

Today was a good day. I went to work out and, actually made it there, and for the first time was able to make it through the whole work out. I didn't have to go sit out for a few minutes. It was very satisfying. Even better I lost a pound. Now, I know that doesn't sound like much, but after the week end we had in Las Vegas I was so glad I didn't gain. Those buffets and desserts are just way too tempting. Oh, and all the drinks while you gamble. Have you ever looked at how many calories are in a cocktail? Thankfully, they are really small glasses. It was well worth it, I had a great time over the weekend and I really needed it. It worked well I think to change up the medication timing a little.

Okay, so on the agenda for today. I need to run to Wally World to pick up a few essentials. Then back home for a healthy lunch, then move the laundry around, do the dishes. You know, I don't know why no one in this family is able to do a dish or pick up a towel. They are spoiled, that is all there is to it. Plus the fact that they really take advantage of me. After that is all done, then I can work on projects. On the work desk agenda: a few more cards, some stamping with some new stamps, playing a little with the Cricut. Need to make a few tags and frames I think. Last night I played with my Sizzix. Oh my, this is Tuesday teaser at Sizzix, may have to wonder over there and see what is on sale. I also need to make a few ATC, but am kind of waiting on some ink to arrive for that one. I found out about a chunky page swap, but have to make 15 pages. Not sure I can do that by the deadline. Will figure it out later though. As usual, I have some things I want to do for myself, but am loaded up on card swaps. I do this to myself all the time. But hey, I am learning a lot with it all. As always, thanks for stopping by, come back any time. I am off to get some chores done.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning

Good Monday morning. I am barely going this morning and already worn out. I think it is just lag left over from the weekend. We went to Las Vegas this week end and had a great time. Hubby and I took son C and his wife along with our son G who turned 21 this past fall. I think I did pretty good with my gambling. I play Pai Gow (not sure how that is spelled) poker. You won't win any big pots playing it, but you don't loose a lot either. In fact, I played Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning with the same amount I started out with. Had free drinks, tipped the waitress, and when it was all said and done ended up four dollars less than I started playing with. That is good times for me. We won't talk about how much hubby lost. LOL

I guess I should go by the local scrapbook store that is closing, everything is now 60% off. However, except for buying a few papers (which I don't really need at the moment) I can't think of a thing that I really need or will need in the near future. I have spent way too much over the last couple of months, feel a little guilty over it because I am not working any longer, so I had decided to work with what I have already. Besides, I did just buy a few stamps. LOL I need to make some cards for my swaps and be ready to mail them as soon as I get the names of my swap partners. I am trying out an ATC swap for the first time and need to get those in the mail. They are ready. Then, on my list of things to do are some scrapbook pages, some cards, a few ATC, and am kicking around the idea of some page swaps. One of the swaps is not too bad, it is due in May and just two pages (4x4) but the other swap is 6x6 size pages and I have to make 15 of them. Am not too sure about so many. Also, thinking I may go ahead and start on some Christmas cards and get those done and out of the way.

I am having a lot of trouble with Yahoo today. Loading slow, mail is just too irritating to try and go through. Will of course try and get through it later, but for now it is a no go on the mail. The groups pages are working fine. All the other pages I go to are working fine as well. It is just the Yahoo mail. Slower than old time dial up it is.

Which reminds me. I was talking to kids on the way back from Vegas and mentioned how glad I am that I don't have to pay for internet minutes any more. While my oldest son remembers the sound the dial up modem would make to connect to the internet, none of them knew that you used to have to pay for minutes of use. Of course that was also back when you had to have a purse looking bag to carry your cell phone that was the size of a walkie talkie, looked like it was straight out of a WWII movie. Had a battery life of all of 20 minutes.

Today I will be calling to change my work out location...again. I liked having it close to the house, but this trainer does not seem to want to work with me. I warned him up front that I would have to stop from time to time because of the medication I am taking which suppresses my heart rate. However, the other two people in this work out time slot are doing the 10 week session and are almost finished with them. He suggested that I call and transfer to a different location and different trainer that would be able to work more one on one with me. GIVE ME A BREAK, this guy stands there and tells the others two when to change stations in the circuit. Oh well, maybe I can find a little bit latter time in the morning that will give my body a bit to wake up. I am having a hard time physically feeling able to work out until about 8 or 9 at the earliest. I am just too old and too fat to move any faster. Can't do anything about the age, but I can do something about the weight.

On that subject, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to eat very carefully during the day and then try to cook healthier for supper. That is likely going to be the only good meal of the day for hubby and daughter J, so that will still need to be a well rounded meal for them but not too rounded. LOL

Well, I am off to try my mail one more time. If I can't get it going will just have to get some cleaning done and then work on some cards. Thank you for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment and come back soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Mood is Bad Today

Today really bites the big one. I am just so mad, and at things that are totally beyond my control, which is what makes it worse.

First of all. I am tired of this crazy idiotic weather. First is in the high 70's sunny sky, like it should be for this area for this time of the year, then the clouds move in and temps drop, rain pours, and snow in the higher elevations. My oldest son is unable to work in this weather, so no pay for them until it clears. It was clear yesterday, but over night the weather is back. It has been pouring rain all day.

Then, I finally get the desk cleaned up a bit so I can work on a project or two. Last week, I found this great deal on the Adirondack Acrylic Paint dabbers at the local scrapbook store which announced they are closing. I ask the owner if I could put a couple of things back so I can pay for them after we get paid (since she suddenly only accepts cash) a couple of days of later. She wouldn't so none of the Distress pads were left. Of course, even though it had been a few days, I noticed that the basket another lady loaded up for a buddy that was out of town was of course still sitting under the counter, safe and sound, full of ink pads. Back to the point, I pulled out the dabbers to start playing, had bought 17 different colors, and pulled the plastic off of them to use. What did I find? Only about 3 of them actually are usable. The rest have all dried up. Of course I cannot return them either because the store is closing. I have sent some emails out asking for help to see if anything can be done to save them. My first inclination is to add a bit of water to them, but am not sure that is the right thing to add. I am just so upset at spending the money (granted not a lot) on something I cannot use. It seems that with this hobby it happens way too much.

On the other hand, I did happen across a couple of really good deals to finish off my last of the shopping trips to the closing store. I bought some boxes of envelopes for just over a dollar a box for 60 in each box. They are all white, but that is okay. The great thing, they are card size. I also bought two books and a magazine for 40% discount as well. Good news is that one of the books was the Zentangle 3 which I was was going to purchase on Amazon. It was the same price as Amazon except that I don't have to pay shipping and got it at discount price. The second book I am still not sure of. Thought I was buying a book about art journaling, ends up it is about mini and shaped albums. The magazine I should have looked at closer, as it was from 2009. Still some good ideas though. Still just really put out over the dabbers.

To a more positive note. This is one of the ATC's made for a swap. I had a fun time making this bunch, even if I had planned to use the dabbers on them. Okay, I won't go there again.

I am headed off to do a little catching up with my swaps. Basically, I have all mine done, but am still waiting on a few to come in. I should also get a delivery tomorrow evening of the new binder thing that I just bought. I know that I will have to really be good the next few months to make up for what I have spent. But hey, I got it while I could get it on great sale prices.

Thanks for stopping by, guess I better get off of this computer and get ready to head out in the rain so I can pick up my daughter from the bus stop.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday News

Today started the new program. I went to my first work out and it went better than I thought. I am not kidding myself, this may be the hardest thing I have ever done, but the rewards will be greatest. So, between the work outs and the food plan, will see where this heads, and where it ends. I am creating a journal to document all of it, which ever way it goes.

Saturday night was the big skating performance. Here is my daughter J, she is 14 going on 40 most times. The rest of the time she seems to be going on 10.

The performance cost us about $100.00 to participate in when it was all said and done, but at least it was for a good cause, Breast Cancer research. There fore all the pink. It was really cute, when they lined up on the ice they were in the shape of the pink ribbon. She did great, executed her spins successfully (which had been a bit of a worry) and didn't fall either. She hit her mark every time and I was so proud of her. Isn't she cute. The best part of the Condors (our local minor pro hockey league) won the game and clinched the first place division for their league.

On another subject, my work desk is pretty much completely covered. I am just about sick of the whole project I am on and may put the rest of it up for a while for a break. So here is the project. When we moved my mom here, there was a plastic bin put in our garage of old journals and greeting cards. She wanted to throw them away, but wanted to make sure that there was no address or way to identify her. At any rate, it has been over a year so it was time to finally throw them out. HOWEVER...I had to look through them a bit. The journals I through away, they really weren't to interesting for historical sake. I did keep a couple of them though. One of the journals my oldest daughter C had given to mom as a gift. She made a collage of photos all over the front and back cover of the book. I want those photos as they are of the kids. The other one I kept just because I really loved the fabric covering. Besides, I really wanted to keep a little something that was in Mom's handwriting. My dad didn't write much so there really hasn't been anything to save of that.

I had decided to cut the cards apart for little images to use on other projects. They are really some beautiful cards with lovely little scenes, flowers, butterflies, even some bright little fish. As I sorted through the literally hundreds of cards, from over thirty years (because she lived in TX the last thirty years and some of the card were from my brother and his first wife - early 70's) I would sort them according to ones that I thought could be recycled. Wow what a stack. The most wonderful thing happened. I actually found a card that some writing in it from Dad. Not just his usual name or initials. A whole two sentences, but it was still in his hand. I cut off the written part and plan on putting it in a scrapbook page with photos of my dad.

I guess that is about it for now. I am going to head up to the scrapbook store that is closing and see what is left, want to buy some more Ranger inks if she has any left. Everything is at 40% off, and that is the only place locally I can get individual colors. I also want to see if there are any reinkers (finally figured out what that word was and meant) so I can keep the colors going.

Yeah me, I now have 20 followers. Maybe I will have to come up with some type of challenge and give away for when I hit 50 followers. Come back to visit often and feel free to leave a comment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a Day!

Okay, so it is well past midnight, is actually already Wednesday, but we will just know that I am posting as if it were Tuesday.

Today, Tuesday, I was scheduled to start my work out with a trainer. My menu plans were supposed to have arrived last night. They finally arrived a little after noon today. I was actually surprised at all that it suggest. Was a little afraid that they would suggest tofu or turkey burgers. Not that I would mind, but I do have to keep cooking for the rest of the family and they agreed to eat what I do. Alright, I would refuse to eat the tofu. At any rate, there was really good information, 3 choices of menu for each day, and then I log in what I eat and charts the calorie and nutrient info for me. Funny, I was way low on calories for the day, but high on carbs and sugar. Great thing is, now I am getting the help understanding where some foods fit and where I should cut things out. I am really excited about this. Even though the work out fell through. I woke up this morning quite sick. My stomach was in bad shape and was having a problem getting the heart to slow down. Actually thought I would end up having to call hubby or ambulance to take me to hospital, but it settled down and then the pain eased up so was able to go back to sleep for a little while which helped.

All through the week end and all day Monday we has such nice weather, predicted to stay the same. When I woke up this morning, the first time, it was all dark and gloomy, foggy as well. So much so that I would normally have driven Miss J to her friend's house where she catches the bus. However, I was in such a shape I didn't even really notice the fog. Until I woke up the second time that is. You know, it didn't break up until well past noon, but then turned in to a lovely afternoon. I caught up on my emails, then headed out to get a few supplies while the sales were still going on. I had planned to go to Michael's and pick up a sketch book (they are on sale for 40% off) and then use my coupon to get some Adirondack acrylic stampers to see what I could do with those. They on sale them in packs of three, not a lot of choice of color, but figured it would be a good starting point as am sure that Ranger would package three colors that went together nicely. So, I headed to the local scrapbook store first to see if she still had any Tim Holtz stamps in stock. What a shock that was, found out she is closing the store at the end of the month. On the up side, everything in the store was now 40% off. We don't get paid for another week, so I had to really use a severe amount of restraint as I wanted to buy up more colors of alcohol ink and the Distressed inks. Did buy three Distressed ink pads and a bottle of the Glimmer Mist for trying out. I meandered over to the clearance table and what did I find? Just an entire basket full of the ink stampers for .99 each (normally they run almost $4.00) so I just went through the whole basket picking out one of each color she had, 17 to be exact. I figured at a buck a piece and the fact that I was picking the colors, I just had to. I would have bought a red pepper alcohol ink, but she didn't have any. I will go back after pay day and am sure I will be coming home with more colors of that stuff, I just love playing with it. Now if I could only find those two pieces of white felt I bought to cut up for the stamper pads. I am sure in all this mess it will turn up, that is a story for later on. I also went ahead and bought some blue flower soft, would have bought more but couldn't remember what colors I had just bought. Now I will go back and for sure get some white and maybe the metallic if they are still there. I was pretty good friends with the owner so asked her if I could pull some things and let her hold them until next Tuesday, but she wouldn't let me do that, said she couldn't, but there was a lady there that was pulling left and right and on the phone talking to someone and telling her it would be waiting for her when she got back. Oh well, so goes it. I think I am most disappointed about the store closing because I will be loosing out on the chance to play with the Cricut carts that she would rent out. There were quite a few things that I would like to have, so will probably blow my budget but I will just explain to hubby that after the end of the month she won't be there anymore. I don't want any big ticket items, just want to grab up some of those wonderful papers she brought back from CHA. Do I really need any more paper? No. But they are so lovely and now I am wiser about what papers I pick. Oh well, so goes life. We still have Michael's, JoAnn's, and Beverly's (a local chain that is like a mini Hobby Lobby) and there is still the other scrapbook store across town.

Then, off to Michael's I went. I bought the sketch book, in two sizes. I had decided that to make the weight loss journey a little more fun I would try my hand at an art journal, but write about the weight. Well, I also go this brilliant idea, thus the second sketch book, to make a sort of inventory journal of techniques I learn and use. I am going to write down each and every swap I am in, do a sample of the technique I used, then stick in a photo of what I made and of what I received. It should be interesting as I plan to start picking a tutorial each month and learning it by watching it over and over. It will be my own little game. I already have a sketch book that I started a few years ago when I started buying stamps. When I buy one, I would stamp it, write which company makes it, what ink I used and then any little notes that I should remember about that stamp (mounted upside down) that would be helpful in the future. Now I have acquired so many little stamps, that I need to sort them and will probably have to go get a few more plastic containers. I think I may store the clear stamps in a notebook, have seen that done quite a bit. At any rate, came up with the notion that I would stamp everything in that container and then copy those pages and put them in the box as well. I have a cool little labeler so will make labels for the boxes and when I go through the sketch book, or catalog, will be able to see just how big it actually is, how it prints out and then know just which container to look in. Am also thinking I should make an ink section to show just what colors of what kind of inks I have. Oh, and since I didn't need to use the coupon for the ink stampers, I used it to buy a package of water colour crayons. Oh how I do love the water colour effect. For that softer look, I love them and the chalks. I have water colour pencils, use them quite a bit for coloring in stamped images. However, I can color in the sky or a back ground a bit better with a crayon than I ever could with a pencil.

Last night, after so many people on my Yahoo groups approved the company, I went to a site called "Oh My Crafts" and bought a little thing called "Your Story" or something like that. It is a binder and laminater and can do the larger pages easier than I can ever figure out how to do them on my "Bind It All" that I still have no clue as to why I actually bought it. I am seriously thinking about selling it, but one of my groups has talked about sending some "fat books" around to be decorated and how they bound this or that, so may just keep it a bit longer. I has not even been out of the box except to look at. I don't even remember how to use the silly little thing but am sure I will find some video on You Tube that will show me.

Now, the other part of the story that I told you was coming. I finally started feeling better this afternoon, amazing what a little shopping trip will do for your spirits, so decided that I just had to rearrange my craft room a little bit to get some flow going. Especially when it came to using the computer and scanner. Lord what a mess I got in to there. Still needs a bit more clutter reduction. I have a Kodak printer that wasn't printing son's class papers very well and he was getting graded down because of it. So, I replaced it with an Epson. The Epson is wireless, so anyone in the house can send a print job to it. Makes it handy for hubby in the living room and daughter J where ever she ends up. The ink is fairly reasonable and you can change out the individual colors instead of a whole ink cartridge that is only out of blue, but plenty of red and yellow left. I like that. It is fast and scans well. However, I think that Epson's colors are a bit off and the scanner is slightly tilted so the papers or photos I scan tend to slide all around. The Kodak has this really neat paper feature, a little compartment built right in for 4 x 6 photo papers. And let me tell you, it prints photos wonderfully and the ink is so cheap. May have a little trouble finding it, but did notice that the Walmart had it the other day. Also, the scanner bed is flat and the door is somewhat adjustable for making it easier to copy a book page or magazine article. So...I pulled it off the shelf and set it out. Will plug it all up tomorrow (Wednesday) and see if I can get it going. I cleaned off the top of the wooden sewing machine cabinet, putting the embroidery machine up in the closet for now so that I could make room to set the laptop up closer to the scanner/printers for when I start trying to crank out some scrapbook pages. My oldest daughter C started on really nice scrapbooks for my mom using her old photos (a ton of old photos) then she gave the one finished one to my mom and brought me the rest of it all to finish up. She is so much better at this than I am, but honestly I do have way more time. Besides, I am going to start a book in a few months to have ready for the arrival of grandson number 3. They found out it is a boy. Very obviously a boy, from the ultrasound photos. Of course I only want that baby to arrive and stay healthy and for the mom too. But, I was pulling for a girl. Just love dressing them up in those frilly froufrou dresses and hair bows that are bigger than their head. Have already learned that plans for me to be babysitter while the mom works has fallen through, her boss is putting in a nursery at the office. I am wondering how long that is going to work. I will be here if I am needed.

I have my hands full the next few months with this weight loss program and then summer. I already feel better with what little I got done in here, may find that some more things will have to moved around a bit as I see how I use them, but am hoping that I will be able to get to the point where I can make myself take at least one day a week to sew. If I start my little Etsy business, will need more days than that, but am thinking I may start out with some infant outfits and crocheted or fabric quilts to match to see how that goes. Maybe spend the summer making up Christmas outfits. Maybe even some doll clothes.

OH MY, the old brain is working over time so it is time to head to bed. Especially since I will be spending the morning taking mom to doctor.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Beginning...sort of

The deal is done, the decision is made. I have plunged into a new program here in town to help me loose weight. They did a metabolic test today to determine how many calories my body uses just to live in day. They are looking at the amounts of oxygen and such that my body uses while at rest. With this information they will create a menu plan for me based on how my body works. Included in the program is also sessions with a personal trainer. While I am a little anxious about the physical aspect of all this, I am more apprehensive about the food. I have become dependant on food to help me cope with emotions.

Wow, I think that is the first time I have ever actually stated that, out loud so to speak.

At any rate, the journey begins. I have twelve weeks to figure out how to eat correctly, to learn how to work the gym I am paying for each month and not using. I don't mind going to the gym, just don't know what to do when I get there.

The other day when I was feeling sorry for myself about looking like I was the one pregnant, I had a fleeting thought. How much could I loose if I put as much energy in to exercises as I do sitting at this desk? Of course it is so much easier to just sit and work on projects, read over things on the computer, that the thought just kind went in one side the brain and right out the other, but then came back and just kind of secretly settled in to be a little flash of awareness enough times to be so annoying that it just can't be ignored any more. So, tomorrow I will start learning how to eat better, smarter, and taking one hour a day for three days a week, to make a better me.

I took mom shopping today, found a few things for me as well. I only bought one pair of jeans, one shirt, one pair of shoes, and two purses (come on they were clearance for $3 and originally $29) found so many things that I hope to fit in to about 3 months from now. Plan to get a haircut this week as well, time for that summer cut. In fact, it is time to take care of me for a while, do a little something for me. I know it is selfish, but I can't take care of everyone else if I can't take care of myself from time to time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zentangle - Cards

I have recently gotten very interested in Zentangle. It is an art form, technique I guess, where an image is created by repeating a pattern. I am the type of person that needs something to look at to be able to make a project. In other words I am visual in learning. Do the same thing with my sewing and quilting, mainly just look at the photos or drawings to see what to do next. At any rate, although I would love to try Zentangle out, and there is even a class at the local scrapbook store for it, I need something to look at. I can get a significant amount of "tangles" as the patterns are called online, but would like something already printed so have ordered a book of patterns. Will post all the info about the book when it arrives. I had to do the same thing with my embroidery embellishments and crochet, bought a book of stitches to learn how to do them.

Back to the point. When my oldest daughter was in high school, oh about 12 years ago, she took art. They had a project to do. Beginning by using water color paper and water colours to create backgrounds. Then they had to use designs to fill in what ever they made. I loved this fish and kept it all these years. So very unique and so creative, not to mention talented, my daughter C. is so gifted. We didn't know that it was called Zentangle at the time, but here is a photo of each side, completely different from each other, of the fish.

I think they are just awesome.

Can't wait for the book to get her, but enough is online that I can get started trying it out.

This is another card I made using the alcohol inks. As I posted earlier, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these inks. It doesn't show up so great in the photo but the card is a mustard yellow, the alcohol ink background was stamped with part of the Footprints poem, frame cut and corner punched from black card stock, used the same black for the butterfly punches. The edges were chalked for a softer look.

I was also trying to clean up my messy work space a bit so I could start fresh, had some scraps I just could not throw away so put them together in this little ATC with a butterfly theme.

I was all excited at how nice it turned out. See, I am still new to this type of craft as well. Then it hit me, I am not involved in swap that this little card could be used in. Guess I will just start a folder for hoarding, I mean collecting ATC cards for future use. They are so fun to make, great for using up scraps. Have also seen some talk on the groups about other types of projects that are smaller sizes and traded as well. I guess the next time I go buying supplies...I mean groceries (LOL) I will have to see about buying some baseball card protectors to hold my ATC cards and then find a couple of places to start swapping them.

May even have to give in and try my hand at an art journal. On the subject of new projects to try out, I found some groups devoted to "Altered Books" which at first glance looked fantastic. HOWEVER...after getting in to one of the groups, I doubt very seriously I can ever do a project like they do. They totally destroy books then put them back together, cover them up, carve up the pages and such. Ink, stamps, layers of papers, textures, embellishments are all added to cover up the majority of the pages and completely redesign the covers. All my life books have been so special to me that I just can't imagine desecrating one in such a way, seems almost sacrilegious to me. Now I know...they are just books, and for the most part the books used are bought up cheap at thrift shops, book sales, garage sales and such, and the work that I have seen done by these people is nothing short of spectacular. I admire their talents. I am just being honest by saying I have my doubts that I can do that to a book, but we will see, am going to give it a little time to see how it all sets.

On a really bright note, found out last night, my son and his wife are going to be having a boy. I couldn't help it, just had to go buy something male. He will arrive the later part of August. This will be my third, stinky grand baby boy, but hey, at least I know what to do with boys. And best part is, this one lives in the same town as I do. Am looking forward to being able to see him more than once or twice a year.

Off to check my email, do a little surfing, then make a quick supper and see what I can get done this evening. Thanks for stopping in.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Stamps

So...I went on a little spending spree. OKAY...a big spending spree. Really I spent too much at one time and am feeling a tad bit guilty about it. But, I am determined to make up for it, and of course I am the only one that knows I did this. LOL I hit some great sales though, so it was justified and I didn't buy anything that I didn't really need.

I bought some great new stamps. At least great for me. Still not exactly what I am looking for, but definitely a lot more usable than past choices. I am thinking that maybe I should try and unload some of my "poor choice" buys on Ebay, but part of me is positive that I will absolutely need what I get rid of two weeks after I do. Most of the stamps are all great for collage projects, but are great sizes for cards or ATC's. For some reason I am really hooked on vintage and collage style, so of course that is what I lean toward these days.

This card is another collage style card. The card is a green background, the next layer is a paper that I just fell in love with because of the colors and print design. I bought it for the opposite which is purple nautilus shells. Now why I wanted purple shells, no idea. Maybe needed purple for something and just picked up a few colors of purple, seem to remember a project with purple, at any rate, I turned it over and found the treasure of the other side. Kind of a vintage form of long hand script but with corral and jelly fish printed over it. Now I wish I had a few more sheets. Why can't I learn to buy more than one sheet of a design? At any rate, this is the card that came to be.

I stamped the image on one of the sheets I made from the alcohol inks. This particular sheet was one made by adding blending solution to clean the pad a bit. Kind of crazy, I figured with all the darker colors that totally blending them together would have mad a mud or brown color instead of the really interesting yellow and cream tones. I finished it off with a black frame from my Cricut then added some dimensional stickers that co-ordinate with a totally different paper stack and a little ribbon know that was ribbon I found in the clearance bin on this last spending spree.

I really like the end result, will have to do this a little more.

I have a couple of things I need to finish up for a swap and get them in the mail. Then I need to take a couple of days to do some housework around here. I think I will also do a little re-arranging in my craft room. I need to make a little more arm room and see if I can make things move a little easier. I don't really mind having to go up and down a step stool so often to get to things, figure at least it is a little exercise. But the constant moving around the room back and forth is just not working. I need to find a better set up for my computer so I can get it off the desk I use for my projects. That is the worst of the mess at the moment. I spread out the papers and cutter or stamps and ink, am working on something then inevitably need to pull up something on my computer so I have to move everything aside and make room for the laptop then move it out of the way to get back to the papers, well you get the idea.

The weather today is so gorgeous. I have the doors open, a window open and sunshine. In fact, it is so nice that I decided to cook supper outside. Albertson's has whole chickens on sale really cheap, so I bought a few. I am thinking beer but chicken for supper. Another grocery had red potatoes on sale so bought a few and will season them and bake them in the oven, or maybe put them on the grill with the chicken. I wanted to make a salad, but at 1.99 a head for lettuce, that will have to wait. Wow, the sign at the store stated a "severe shortage" on lettuce due to a freeze that destroyed crops. Stupid global warming.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These are some new cards I just made. They were kind of fun and went together fairly quick. The only one that took any time was the Easter egg card. I used alcohol inks to make some background pages, posted those pages earlier, took one of the sheets and stamped Easter eggs on it and then cut it out. I love the multicolor effect. At any rate, the original card was nice, just needed a little pop so I added the black strips and then layered some butterfly punches with smaller punches from the egg paper. I really like it now.

These are some cards I recently made and sent off for a swap with one of the groups I belong to.

I went on a little spending spree, okay it wasn't little, but got everything at sale prices. I bought some more alcohol ink, different colors, a template of clocks, a lot of stamps too. I will post some of the images later, I have just fallen in love with one of the stamps and am sure I will wear it out in no time. It is vintage looking, reminds me of a cameo in a way. It will really be a great focus point for some more collage projects.

My oldest son called and wants me to go eat lunch with him when he gets off. So, I am not about to pass that up. I have turkey soup in the crock pot for supper, will make some cornbread to go with it. It is nice and warm today, but it is Ash Wednesday which starts lent and for some reason soup on Wednesday seems to be a lent thing.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alcohol ink

I have been playing all morning. Made a few cards.

This card went together quickly after I figured out what I wanted to do with it. The image is from the stamping class last month that I did not really care for. I am still learning to blend, but am liking what I do a lot better these days. I am sure it just takes lots of practice. I colored in the image with chalks.

I am still playing with the collage technique that I read about. A tutorial can be found on Splitcoaststampers. They are a great resource sight. I actually think that at the moment this is my new favorite technique and will be doing a lot more experimenting with it. It is a very forgiving technique as you can just add something over any mistakes.

This is a new stamp for me. Got it off of Ebay. I love the clay pots, reminds me of the Native American culture that was strong in the mountains of New Mexico where we went often for week end camping trips when I was growing up. I like the crossing over of Native American and Southwestern arts. Hoping to find a stamp of some chile peppers some day. At any rate, this card is nothing like what I had in my head, but I just can't seem to figure out how to have a light touch on the ink when making a background. Maybe some day I will. I have decided that I think the biggest problem is that I have all the wrong colors of ink for what I am wanting to do. After I finished with this card, I was putting everything away and learned that all my colors of ink are water based dyes. Wow, I could have used a little water to blend and soften, had I used a better card stock. I had a lot of fun working it up though. Have no idea what I will do with it, but I am sure that down the road a need will be met with this card.

Another card I made this morning.
I don't have a need for a sympathy card, but for some reason after I got this put together, the card was just telling me it should be a sympathy card, not the spring card I had started out to make. I guess that is how it works though, just start making it and then it takes on a life of it's own. I bought a box of metallic pencils thinking it would be a cool look to the card. Well, I just wasn't impressed. I really like the end result of this card, just think it is the wrong stamp design to really show how great those pencils look.

Okay, now that the finished cards are out of the way, let me show you some backgrounds I made.

There are four separate backgrounds here. I had so much fun playing with my new alcohol inks. I love them, must have more of them. I only bought five colors, a blue, red, purple, yellow, and green. I need a deeper green, a redder red and a darker purple. Not that I would trade the colors I have, they were about all that was in stock when I bought them from the local scrapbook store. I have since learned that at Michael's I can buy the inks, three colors in a set. They are Tim Holtz's brand and I am sure that I will be burning up the gas hoofing it back and forth to Michael's with my coupons to get the sets. I have a couple of ideas in mind for these backgrounds, which since I was playing figured I would make up several at the same time. It is just impossible to make two the same. I have one that didn't make it in the scan, a total of 5 backgrounds. I did figure out very quickly that I will go to JoAnn's and buy a piece of felt and cut my on pads to put on the handle.

When I first learned about this technique, we were told to use glossy card stock or glossy photo paper. We used the photo paper in the class. That gave me an idea, our dollar store has photo size sheets (4 x 6), 25 sheets to the pack age. I figure that is cheap enough, and a great size for card making. I purchased a package of invitation envelopes that are just perfect for a 6 x 4 inch card, or the standard 5 1/2 by 4 1/4. At any rate, the photo papers worked great. The thing I like about the alcohol inks are that they dry pretty much instantly.

Now, look at these two backgrounds.

They are much lighter and a bit softer, but wait until you hear how I did them. I took the alcohol blending solution to clean the pads and then stamped that out. This is the left overs. I think that it is so cool that even the clean up leaves a great background.

I was going through my fair sized stash of paper this afternoon, still didn't find the paper I was looking for, but found it interesting to explore my choices. You know, look at something and think "what on earth was I thinking" but am stuck with now. One set of papers is called "Once Upon A Time" I bought the paper pack, 8x8 paper pack, the 6x4 paper stack, ribbons and letters that coordinate. I still love the colors in the paper, but when looking over the stack think "what a waste" at so many pages that have beautiful artwork but the proportions are way to large. There is absolutely nothing you can do with it that won't take part of it away or cover it up entirely. Guess I can see them a spacer sheets.

I have to go pick up my daughter from skating, had every intention of dropping in the craft store on that side of town, they are having a stamp sale. Had it all figured out, since hubby was off riding with some friends, he won't be home until dark...I thought. He showed up quite a while ago so that trip is off. Guess I will have to sneak over there next week.

Like I said, I have to go play taxi driver, then I will do some more playing.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It is Friday. That usually means a yeah for most people, but since I have to get up early EVERY morning, it just means that the whole family is home and the taxi service is going, which at the cost of gas these days is going to be really cutting back. On the way to bowling this morning I noticed the gas prices at the corner station had changed. $3.79 a gallon. Most of places it is now over 3.80 a gallon. A few days ago I filled up the car, a little over 16 gallons was almost $60, ouch! It is expected to go even higher, thanks to all the violence in Libya and Egypt.

On to crafty matters. Yesterday I put together a couple of cards using some dimensional stickers. The brand is Jolee's Boutique.

This is one I did for a replacement card. A masculine birthday themed card. I just thought it was too cute. Especially the little sign that says "No Girls Allowed". Oh how I wish I could have found a sticker that said "He Man Woman Haters Club" then it could have been a Little Rascals card.

The other card is for a swap too, "teddy bear" theme. I never really have been much of a teddy bear person, even when I was little. I had and "Elsie" cow stuffed animal, a promotional item from the early 60's by Borden Milk. Our milk man, back then they came door to door, liked me and brought it for me. I think he may have had a little crush on my mom.

At any rate, it is a little simple, but sometimes less is more I think. This is the first time I have used jewels on a card. Pretty neat look in my opinion.

Thanks to a member on one of my Yahoo groups, I was able to print off and use a Michael's coupon for 50% off. I was so happy because when I was there yesterday I noticed they had gotten some of the 2.5 inch Xyron sticker machines in. I have the small one and the 5 inch one. The small one is just not quite big enough sometimes, and the 5 inch is too big to mess with a lot of times. I wanted to buy it yesterday, when I really went a little over my budget for so close to the end of a pay period, but it is justified. At the time, all I have had to color in stamped images in the way of markers was a cheap set bought at Walmart in the school supplies. The tips are pretty broad for some of the detail work and not especially compatible with learning to blend or shade. But, it was a lot of colors for little money and I have been using them with some success. Well, I had noticed a week or so ago that Michael's had some LePlumme sets on clearance. The colors are kind of weird colors but for learning how to use markers, the price was too good to pass up and the more I thought about it I was afraid they would be gone. As it was, there was only one set left of each of the clearance sets. One is called Victorian, one is called Renaissance. They are double tipped markers, one end is extra fine which is just was I was after. I also bought the blender pen. I normally don't buy all the things that go with some product, but a couple of demo videos I have watched all made a point of listing the blender pen and showing it used. The sets are 12 markers to a set, normally they run $21.99 and they were on clearance for $8.49 each. That is less than half and way less than a coupon would get me. Now I know that they were probably on clearance because they are being discontinued or such, but I don't really care. No colors are duplicated in the sets and they are colors I can work with, especially while learning. Then if I find out I can use them fairly well I can use the sales and coupons to buy the other sets as I find a need for them. I mean really, this same set is at the local scrapbook store listed at over $30.00 and the ladies at the shop all swear by their LePlumme markers. Oh, and these are LePlumme II, don't know what the first ones were like. Of course I also bought a few other things I needed, blender sticks and sponge applicators for blending, and a few things in the clearance and dollar bins as well. Walked out with a bag for about $40 or so. Next major purchases are to invest in some Ranger Distress Inks and embossing powders along with a few more colors of alcohol inks. Michael's sells the inks in three color sets which is great for me because I can never figure out which colors to get. I need to make a list of the colors I do have, bought five colors to start out with last month, the pads and blending to go with it as well. I used the alcohol inks during a class I took called "ink boot camp" and really fell in love with it. I am breaking them out tonight to play with for some Easter cards.

I bowled a great game today. First game was 114, my second game, a record breaker for me was 154, but then my arm wore out and I ended with a 71. Now remember, my average game is 95 and last week I didn't break 90 in any of the 3 games. I had a 95 pin handicap for this week's game. WOW, it was great. I even treated myself to lunch at the grill there and had the best liver and onions I have had since my aunt made hers. I should not have spent the money, since I spent so much at Michael's yesterday and today, but hey, I am making a good day better for myself for a change and I think there is nothing wrong with taking a little me day for a change. Thanks for stopping by and check back soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This afternoon I decided to try my hand at making a collage card.

I like the technique, it is pretty forgiving. I am sure I will have to play with this some more. The part I am most happy with is the background colors, I feel my blending is getting better. It is defiantly not my usual style but whose says I can't have more than one style.

Off to clean up from today's stamping projects and then off to a warm bath and my bed.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning and I am trying to get all caught up. I am trying a little something new. I created a Flickr account for all my cards so instead of posting all the photos I can post the link for you to go look at.

Time for a new set of swaps. March is here, still trying to figure out where Feb. went, so my card swaps are going out. Feb. I was in 3 swaps on my Card Craft group. For March, I am in 3 swaps on Card Craft again and joined a new group, Just Cards and joined in on 5 of their swaps. Click here to see the cards I made for the swap. I kicked myself for loosing the scan of the technique swap for the JC water gel card. That is why out of 8 swaps there are only 7 cards. If the person that receives the card scans it, hopefully she will send me a copy. I had an idea pop in my head while making that card, so will be doing that in the future and will get a photo of that one to post.

Daughter J is home sick, having to keep an eye on her. Nothing serious, and even though she is 14, and we did go to doctor yesterday, I am supposed to keep her home today and just watch her for any changes. Personally, I think she is just avoiding a math test, but there was a little something physical going on that the doctor found so I am following his advice. I need to do some laundry, but not really sure that will happen. LOL

I have a few things to do this week, going to see how much of it I can get done this afternoon and evening. Since J won't be going to her ice skating lesson, due to illness, I won't have to get out this evening. I really need to get my organizing hat back on and get some menu's planned out once again, and this is a week end goal. Tonight though, we are having pork chops, rice and green beans for supper. Maybe have brussel sprouts using a recipe from Paula Deen, LOVE this woman. I thought about putting the chops in the crock pot, but decided I will bake them in the oven and just use cooking supper as a break from the craft room. Okay, honestly it will force me out of the room for a bit. I could just sit and craft all day and way in to the night. But, this demanding family expects clean dishes, clean clothes and cooked food. Darn the lot.

Well, still have to go through a ton of emails and sitting on here is not getting much of anything that needs to be done accomplished. Thanks for stopping by and drop in any time.