Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Stamps

So...I went on a little spending spree. OKAY...a big spending spree. Really I spent too much at one time and am feeling a tad bit guilty about it. But, I am determined to make up for it, and of course I am the only one that knows I did this. LOL I hit some great sales though, so it was justified and I didn't buy anything that I didn't really need.

I bought some great new stamps. At least great for me. Still not exactly what I am looking for, but definitely a lot more usable than past choices. I am thinking that maybe I should try and unload some of my "poor choice" buys on Ebay, but part of me is positive that I will absolutely need what I get rid of two weeks after I do. Most of the stamps are all great for collage projects, but are great sizes for cards or ATC's. For some reason I am really hooked on vintage and collage style, so of course that is what I lean toward these days.

This card is another collage style card. The card is a green background, the next layer is a paper that I just fell in love with because of the colors and print design. I bought it for the opposite which is purple nautilus shells. Now why I wanted purple shells, no idea. Maybe needed purple for something and just picked up a few colors of purple, seem to remember a project with purple, at any rate, I turned it over and found the treasure of the other side. Kind of a vintage form of long hand script but with corral and jelly fish printed over it. Now I wish I had a few more sheets. Why can't I learn to buy more than one sheet of a design? At any rate, this is the card that came to be.

I stamped the image on one of the sheets I made from the alcohol inks. This particular sheet was one made by adding blending solution to clean the pad a bit. Kind of crazy, I figured with all the darker colors that totally blending them together would have mad a mud or brown color instead of the really interesting yellow and cream tones. I finished it off with a black frame from my Cricut then added some dimensional stickers that co-ordinate with a totally different paper stack and a little ribbon know that was ribbon I found in the clearance bin on this last spending spree.

I really like the end result, will have to do this a little more.

I have a couple of things I need to finish up for a swap and get them in the mail. Then I need to take a couple of days to do some housework around here. I think I will also do a little re-arranging in my craft room. I need to make a little more arm room and see if I can make things move a little easier. I don't really mind having to go up and down a step stool so often to get to things, figure at least it is a little exercise. But the constant moving around the room back and forth is just not working. I need to find a better set up for my computer so I can get it off the desk I use for my projects. That is the worst of the mess at the moment. I spread out the papers and cutter or stamps and ink, am working on something then inevitably need to pull up something on my computer so I have to move everything aside and make room for the laptop then move it out of the way to get back to the papers, well you get the idea.

The weather today is so gorgeous. I have the doors open, a window open and sunshine. In fact, it is so nice that I decided to cook supper outside. Albertson's has whole chickens on sale really cheap, so I bought a few. I am thinking beer but chicken for supper. Another grocery had red potatoes on sale so bought a few and will season them and bake them in the oven, or maybe put them on the grill with the chicken. I wanted to make a salad, but at 1.99 a head for lettuce, that will have to wait. Wow, the sign at the store stated a "severe shortage" on lettuce due to a freeze that destroyed crops. Stupid global warming.

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  1. Great card! I love the Vintage look and find it very addictive.