Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Mood is Bad Today

Today really bites the big one. I am just so mad, and at things that are totally beyond my control, which is what makes it worse.

First of all. I am tired of this crazy idiotic weather. First is in the high 70's sunny sky, like it should be for this area for this time of the year, then the clouds move in and temps drop, rain pours, and snow in the higher elevations. My oldest son is unable to work in this weather, so no pay for them until it clears. It was clear yesterday, but over night the weather is back. It has been pouring rain all day.

Then, I finally get the desk cleaned up a bit so I can work on a project or two. Last week, I found this great deal on the Adirondack Acrylic Paint dabbers at the local scrapbook store which announced they are closing. I ask the owner if I could put a couple of things back so I can pay for them after we get paid (since she suddenly only accepts cash) a couple of days of later. She wouldn't so none of the Distress pads were left. Of course, even though it had been a few days, I noticed that the basket another lady loaded up for a buddy that was out of town was of course still sitting under the counter, safe and sound, full of ink pads. Back to the point, I pulled out the dabbers to start playing, had bought 17 different colors, and pulled the plastic off of them to use. What did I find? Only about 3 of them actually are usable. The rest have all dried up. Of course I cannot return them either because the store is closing. I have sent some emails out asking for help to see if anything can be done to save them. My first inclination is to add a bit of water to them, but am not sure that is the right thing to add. I am just so upset at spending the money (granted not a lot) on something I cannot use. It seems that with this hobby it happens way too much.

On the other hand, I did happen across a couple of really good deals to finish off my last of the shopping trips to the closing store. I bought some boxes of envelopes for just over a dollar a box for 60 in each box. They are all white, but that is okay. The great thing, they are card size. I also bought two books and a magazine for 40% discount as well. Good news is that one of the books was the Zentangle 3 which I was was going to purchase on Amazon. It was the same price as Amazon except that I don't have to pay shipping and got it at discount price. The second book I am still not sure of. Thought I was buying a book about art journaling, ends up it is about mini and shaped albums. The magazine I should have looked at closer, as it was from 2009. Still some good ideas though. Still just really put out over the dabbers.

To a more positive note. This is one of the ATC's made for a swap. I had a fun time making this bunch, even if I had planned to use the dabbers on them. Okay, I won't go there again.

I am headed off to do a little catching up with my swaps. Basically, I have all mine done, but am still waiting on a few to come in. I should also get a delivery tomorrow evening of the new binder thing that I just bought. I know that I will have to really be good the next few months to make up for what I have spent. But hey, I got it while I could get it on great sale prices.

Thanks for stopping by, guess I better get off of this computer and get ready to head out in the rain so I can pick up my daughter from the bus stop.

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  1. Don't give up on those ink pads. You can get reinkers for them that will last forEVER! It only takes a couple of drops to restore them.

    As for the weather.... I hear you! It's like that ALL the time in England.