Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning

Good Monday morning. I am barely going this morning and already worn out. I think it is just lag left over from the weekend. We went to Las Vegas this week end and had a great time. Hubby and I took son C and his wife along with our son G who turned 21 this past fall. I think I did pretty good with my gambling. I play Pai Gow (not sure how that is spelled) poker. You won't win any big pots playing it, but you don't loose a lot either. In fact, I played Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning with the same amount I started out with. Had free drinks, tipped the waitress, and when it was all said and done ended up four dollars less than I started playing with. That is good times for me. We won't talk about how much hubby lost. LOL

I guess I should go by the local scrapbook store that is closing, everything is now 60% off. However, except for buying a few papers (which I don't really need at the moment) I can't think of a thing that I really need or will need in the near future. I have spent way too much over the last couple of months, feel a little guilty over it because I am not working any longer, so I had decided to work with what I have already. Besides, I did just buy a few stamps. LOL I need to make some cards for my swaps and be ready to mail them as soon as I get the names of my swap partners. I am trying out an ATC swap for the first time and need to get those in the mail. They are ready. Then, on my list of things to do are some scrapbook pages, some cards, a few ATC, and am kicking around the idea of some page swaps. One of the swaps is not too bad, it is due in May and just two pages (4x4) but the other swap is 6x6 size pages and I have to make 15 of them. Am not too sure about so many. Also, thinking I may go ahead and start on some Christmas cards and get those done and out of the way.

I am having a lot of trouble with Yahoo today. Loading slow, mail is just too irritating to try and go through. Will of course try and get through it later, but for now it is a no go on the mail. The groups pages are working fine. All the other pages I go to are working fine as well. It is just the Yahoo mail. Slower than old time dial up it is.

Which reminds me. I was talking to kids on the way back from Vegas and mentioned how glad I am that I don't have to pay for internet minutes any more. While my oldest son remembers the sound the dial up modem would make to connect to the internet, none of them knew that you used to have to pay for minutes of use. Of course that was also back when you had to have a purse looking bag to carry your cell phone that was the size of a walkie talkie, looked like it was straight out of a WWII movie. Had a battery life of all of 20 minutes.

Today I will be calling to change my work out location...again. I liked having it close to the house, but this trainer does not seem to want to work with me. I warned him up front that I would have to stop from time to time because of the medication I am taking which suppresses my heart rate. However, the other two people in this work out time slot are doing the 10 week session and are almost finished with them. He suggested that I call and transfer to a different location and different trainer that would be able to work more one on one with me. GIVE ME A BREAK, this guy stands there and tells the others two when to change stations in the circuit. Oh well, maybe I can find a little bit latter time in the morning that will give my body a bit to wake up. I am having a hard time physically feeling able to work out until about 8 or 9 at the earliest. I am just too old and too fat to move any faster. Can't do anything about the age, but I can do something about the weight.

On that subject, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to eat very carefully during the day and then try to cook healthier for supper. That is likely going to be the only good meal of the day for hubby and daughter J, so that will still need to be a well rounded meal for them but not too rounded. LOL

Well, I am off to try my mail one more time. If I can't get it going will just have to get some cleaning done and then work on some cards. Thank you for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment and come back soon.

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