Saturday, February 26, 2011

New projects

As I posted earlier, I have a lot of cards in the last few days. I am just totally fascinated with one technique called "Never Ending Card" and you can see a video for it here. It is a card that you open , over and over. It never really ends. Here are some photos.

It really is a neat card when you can hold it and just open it, open it, well you get the idea.

At any rate, that is what I have been doing. Oh, and I had to get up really early to take my daughter to ice skating practice this morning, she was still feeling sick so she didn't go, but I couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up and worked on a card for my mom. She was a little put out that my daughter hasn't thanked her for a gift she gave her, so I made a nice little card for my daughter to write in.

It is really my mom's type of card.

Well, I am closing for tonight, I know...kind of short winded for me. I am tired and I have to get up really early in the morning. Thanks for dropping in.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night

The sound of the rain coming down is soothing for a change. I am sure tomorrow is going to be mess weather wise. They are expecting snow down to 1,000 feet which is very rare for here even in dead winter. It also means that more than likely the roads out of town will be closed a while. It doesn't snow here in town, like ever, so for them to even forecast a chance of it is all the talk. At any rate, it is just pouring down. I think rain is still a hard concept for me since moving here. We moved here from West Texas and when it rained, you had drops of water or sheets of water pouring down. Now granted, it might not be raining across the street, I have watched it pour in the front yard and leave the back yard dry. But it was still rain drops. We moved to California and here the rains are more like a heavy mist. No true drops, is a little damp, but not much more. I mean really, is it truly rain if you can't hear it on the roof or against the window? I think not.

I really got on a roll the last couple of days. Where do I begin? My little craft room is half straightened so many papers, ribbons, glues, you know. I got the Cricut carts put back in their place, the Cricut up on the shelf and decided to post on the old blog spot. I have made 3 cards for one group's swap, 4 cards for another group's swap (still need to make one more for that set) and also made a replacement card for one of the group's hostess that was in need of some. It is a card called "Never Ending Card" and is just the coolest thing. I am sure you all already know about these, but go check it out if you aren't. I had never made one so was really fussing over the final card because I wanted to make sure of the quality before sending it out. But, I did good with it.

Here is the side story to that. We have two local scrapbook stores in town. The one I usually go to is literally only blocks from my house. That is where I have attended some classes and to buy the more specialty items that the general craft stores may not have. It is also the home of the classes I have been a bit ...put out with...lately. So, since I was headed to that side of town anyway, I thought I would just pop in that store and give the place a look over. First impression is the difference between Macy's and Walmart. Only the prices weren't much different. The staff was quite friendly as was one of the owners that was in the store putting an order together. Got started talking and she asked what my current project was, I told her about the card and that I had not made one before. She asked to see it, I showed it to her and next thing I know she was asking for my name and phone number to see if might be interested in teaching it to a class. OH MY GOSH! Guess the card is good to go at any rate. Now, I don't know if she will ever call me, but just the thought is pretty awesome for me. I did notice, that they must have the same phobia about handouts as the other store. There were signs up asking us to please not take photos of the class samples. I just don't understand this mentality that the directions are not meant to be shared. REALLY NOW, do you think that your little project is so special and only thought up by you? I may try one of their classes just to have some idea of how a different class would be held. I was overwhelmed by the amount of papers and flowers this store carries, disappointed in the amount of stamps and products. She carries no Flower Soft at all, I took her last paper distress tool, her last set of small sanders, and she is ordering some water pens so I can buy one. They are very pricey so may have to wait a bit on that. Sure wish I could find them somewhere cheaper.

At any rate, like I said, I only have one more card to make and my March swaps are good to go as soon as the name for our swap partners are listed. The next card to make is another new technique, but will get to use a rubber stamp. I also need to go through my stash and find ten stamps that will give great stamped images to swap as well. Ten different stamps that is. I am up for the challenge though. I just pulled a bunch of acrylic butterfly stamps out of the dollar bin at Michael's. Also got some rather unique shoe images that I feel could be really fun to use as well. Even a purse to go with them. LOL Next week, I have cleaning and sorting all over the house to do, will have to take a little break from the papers and do a little laundry. I need to better sort my punches and do some playing with them. Don't won't them to have any hurt feelings, I know they are already feeling very left out.

I don't want to post the photos of the cards just yet, but will as soon as the partners have been announced and will know which one is going where. So, check back for the photos to come.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No More Classes

Yesterday was total disappointment. The class was just not what I had expected and feel like I just wasted money. Here's my thinking. When you pay for a class you are paying for the materials, the teacher and learning a new technique. The shop gave me a list of things to bring, like adhesives, heat set tool, cutters, pen and paper. The session was supposed to be from 10 - 1. I ended up leaving early, had just had enough. I will, in the future, be a little more thoughtful before choosing to take a class.

For this class, here is my opinion of what I got.

This is the single image I ended up with for a project. I used chalk technique for coloring it in. I have a piece of pink card stock that was given to us to make a card. I used my chalks, so, I spent $22 for the use of one rubber stamp, one piece of card stock, and one small set of acrylic stamps. They are button shaped. That is it.

I admit, that this is the third stamping of the image, the first one she had us color all in the same colors, in other words no shading or blending, to show us how flat it looked. I KNOW THAT, why do you think I am taking the class. Then she had us stamp a second image to practice the shading. I would really like to figure out how to use markers and blend them, but that was not part of this class. Then the third image was stamped and we used our new blending knowledge to make the image for our card. Great, I learned that chalks and colored pencils can be erased. She was amazed that my watercolor attempt made the paper soggy. DA? Water and card stock?

I should also back up and tell you that the first hour of the class was spent making a color wheel and her going on about the technical aspects of the colors, their hue, their tint, their properties, then telling us that she was getting too technical and too deep for us at this point. DO YOU THINK she could have decided that about thirty minutes earlier?

Well, you get the point. I am now more confused than ever about shading and blending. Everyone I have seen doing these techniques has always stated to do the lightest colors first, but she told us to color in the darkest areas first. So, I will go back to spending time watching the tutorials on
You Tube and Splitcoaststampers. There are a few more forums, if you go to any for ideas and techniques please leave me the link in a comment so I can try them out too.

Now, on to more positive things. I posted earlier about the card making class. Here is what I made in that class.

I really enjoyed this last card as I love the watercolor effect. However, if you read my previous post, this is the card that she let us use a set of watercolors for the flowers that is no longer available to purchase. Why showcase or teach a product that we cannot buy and use again? I don't know, but at any rate, that is about how this teacher goes. Here is another example of how this class goes. She gave us these two cutouts of an apron.

She did have this done as an example, but she had done it as an invitation for tasting party. She gave us a brief run down on how she used the computer to print the info and then cut the apron afterwards, telling us to just take them and do what we want with them. By the way, the aprons were done with the Cricut and the Kitchen cart.

I went to Michael's yesterday and really hit on a tremendous sale. I finally found the "Woodless Colour Pencils" that were used in the demo for the "Black Velvet" technique. They have all their art pencils, pens, and paints on sale as well as canvas and drawing pads. I am going to go back today and see about some more water colour sets. I saw yesterday some water colour crayons that I want to check in to a little more. I think those would be great for making backgrounds. I also want to check in to some type of color that I can apply to give a pearl like finish.

Now, you decide. "Card Making" class, $15 and two hours, all materials are furnished, come home with 5 cards. I do believe that is a much better bang for my buck. Of course, it is always the same techniques. One water colour, one embossed, one distressed, one die cut, and one that is kind of a mix. At least this month's class had only one holiday themed card, in January every card was hearts and love. I joined some more swaps, so when the theme fits I will use some of these cards for that. I have a list of about 10 cards I want to make so will busy with that this week. I can't wait to play with the Black Velvet technique, alcohol inks, and some more water colour projects.

My cake decorating class is over. The next class is flower making, then gum paste. However, this current class was cancelled mid session and will be made up in May so I will wait until then to see about taking the flower classes, but at the moment am just not inclined to further invest in that hobby. I mean really, my goal is met, I learned enough to decorate for a family cake. You really need to just practice, like anything else, and honestly there isn't a one of us in this family needs the practice projects sitting around the house to eat.

Wow, with this laptop I got a love that "control + z" to recover lost text I am writing. I guess I am touching the mouse pad that is built in to the laptop as I will be just typing away and suddenly be on a totally different place in the page and deleted half of what I just typed. Unfortunately, it only works with what is written between automatic saves.

I need to check my mail, go to the grocery store, and make out my menu plan for this week at least. It really does work so much better to know what is going to be made. It also helps me to manage my time a little better as well. I am going to try and take advantage of the gadgets I have accumulated such as the pressure cooker and slow cooker to save time so I can keep working on my projects while I try to remember to keep some laundry going. The laundry doesn't win most of the time.

Check back in as I post my progress. Feel free to leave a comment, I love knowing that someone has read this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning

Kind of a weird Monday. One, daughter J is not here, she has been gone all week end to a lake camp with the youth from church. We have a winter storm that hit on Friday morning early and I am sure that the kids got lots of snow. Which they will really enjoy I am sure. It is also a holiday for the schools around here for President's day.

I took my alarm clock to mom's since we would be gone over the weekend. I will have to go get it today, but it is strange to not have it as I usually go back to sleep after hubby goes to work. I gave up though and have gotten up to catch up on a few things. So, guess that will work out for the good in the end.

We had a great week end. I really wasn't wanting to go out to the dessert in the middle of winter storm, was not so worried about the weather there as I was about getting back over the mountain pass with the snow they were predicting. The wind was blowing like crazy here in town, with an obvious chill to it. I went and bowled my league games, had one really good game, two average games. Then went to drop a couple of things off at Mom's that she just had to have, knew she needed them all week, but waited until Thursday (left me a message while I was in my cardmaking class) knowing that I was trying to get things loaded up for the trip. Finally got the trailer loaded and off we went. Once we got over the pass the weather was great. Kind of windy, which it always is in the dessert, a little chilly on Saturday with little spurts of rain. Not the best conditions to ride in, but not the worst either. Sunday morning we got up and the sun was out, warmer and hardly any wind. We took off on one more long ride just tootling around and then back to camp where we packed it all up and headed home by way of pizza at Mojave.

Friday was also the birthday for a sweet little lady that lives at Mom's place. She is the president of their Red Hat Society group so I made her a red had card. Simple card using embossing folder. I think it turned out cute.

I also received a really nice card from Linda in the swap I was involved with.

As a bonus, she included this neat little scratch note pad made using a time card with butterflies. What a creative idea to use the time card.

I did go to a card making class on Thursday, and while I enjoy the exposure to new techniques, was not happy with the class this time and not really sure I will continue on with them. First of all, I just hate not having directions to take home so I can make the card again. I mean really is it such a great design that it has to be a national secret? The other thing is she uses papers that are left over from a year ago so we can't purchase them, uses stamps that are not available any longer for purchase, uses supplies that the store is out of (and the story has become pretty well known for not having the supplies in stock) and my favorite was having us use a coloring technique with a set of colors that we all wanted to buy but come to find out is not available any more as the company that makes them has discontinued them. The store's stock has pretty much been the same answer as well, it is ordered and should be here the end of the month, or in two weeks. I just hate it when I decide to buy some little gizmo or such and then cannot buy it anywhere. There is a really neat little distressing tool and sanding blocks that "Close To My Heart" carries, went online to find a local demonstrator, she wouldn't take my order, told me to go online and order it through the web page. Back to the subject of the class. I have the cards that we made, but need to finish them all up a bit. Needs the ribbon embellishment as there was no ribbon to match my cards at the store. I don't understand why this woman couldn't kit the cards like she did last month. I know she went to the big craft show, but she also knew that this was a monthly thing. Maybe it was just a bad set of events for her, there was stamps missing (the images to be used for the card) supplies that were not available, her computer died so we were not able to have the hand outs. She didn't even have the sample cards made for us to see what we were making. She did have the box of almost 40 chicken cut outs that she had to make in order to get 8 that were usable. She had problems with the Cricut, and she cut them out the night before the class. Did get to use some cool water pens, but of course the shop was out of them. Will post photos when I finish them.

Okay, today is a rubber stamp class, supposed to bring home a rubber stamp. It is the same teacher so will see what kind of day she is having. Sadly, this is the same woman that teaches many of the lower cost classes that are monthly classes. Hmmm, maybe she is why they are lower cost. In my opinion, they are still pretty pricey for what we get. Guess I better get off of the computer and get my bag together for the class. I feel that if I am having to pay for the materials used in the class, I should not have to take all my own materials. I know, just kind of strange that way.

Well, thanks for dropping in and come back for a visit soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have just received notice that the blue card from Carole is actually from the Alpha Swap for letter B. Not from the Free swap. I am glad to have it straight now.

I get myself in to so many swaps at once sometimes that if I don't have it all written out I get confused too. Like making a travel themed card for the person in my free technique swap.

March's swap is coming along. I have two of the three cards completed. When I am done with all three will post the photos. May be doing some additional swaps on other groups this next month as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Midweek Wednesday

Well the week is half over. It has been a bit crazy. Nothing unusual, but thought I should show a few things off. Last post I showed some cards I had made. It ended up that the one I made for "Travel" was actually the one I made for the "Free" swap. At least that worked out since the Free could be any technique and anything design I wanted to make.

This is the card I had made for the "Free" swap. Used the Cricut. Since I still had the Cricut out and set up when I realized my mess up with the cards. Since I needed a "travel" card, I came up with this idea when looking through my stash of papers I saw the atlas map.

I think it is pretty good. I just hope that people I swap with aren't disappointed. I have gotten two of the three swaps I joined. Really wonderful cards.

Here they are.

This is the "Free" swap I received from Carol. Blue is my favorite color, all shades of blue, I just like blue. It is a very nice card and I am so happy to have it.

This is the "travel" swap I received from Betty. It is really amazing and creative. I only wish the scan showed the details closer. The image is actually like four cut in different ways and to make the car dimensional.

Now, in the March swap, the technique is called Black Velvet. You can see the technique demo here. Her card looks amazing, and the technique is pretty easy, the only problem I have had with trying it was finding all the supplies. I was unable to find the low odor solvent calls Sansodor but on some message boards it was discussed that a few other solvents could be used. I bought some stuff called Turpenoid which is the least hazardous according to the web anyway. The other problem I had was with finding coloured pencils. I did not want to spend $30 to buy pencils to try out a technique I didn't know if I would even like, or be able to do. At any rate, there were several different types of coloured pencils, pastel pencils, watercolour pencils, it is very confusing. I did know that somewhere I read or heard to make sure that I didn't use the colored pencils that are bought for kids to use in school. I have to admit, I tried some crayola brand colored pencils because there were a lot more colors and I already had them. The coloring part went pretty well, except for using half a pencil for one rose, not being able to sharpen them very well and I kept breaking the lead. Only on certain colors though. Not sure if it was the way I was coloring or if it was the solvent making it too soft. At any rate I bought some pencils from Michael's which held up much better. However, on the video her box clearly states that they are woodless coloured pencils. That is not what was available at Michael's. I have no idea what woodless pencils are. Finally, you are supposed to spray a fixative to the final project. My stamping of the roses looked awesome until I sprayed it. After it sputtered on, leaving splotches, I took a second look at the can and found out I had bought spray adhesive, not fixative. About the stamping, the demo suggest using large stamps with a simple design. That is what I looked for when choosing my stamps. However, I had one stamp of lady laying in some flowers that I figured would be too detailed but was very surprised at how wonderful it came out. Here are my efforts from today at learning this technique.

This is the first one. When I sprayed it, the red in the roses disappeared. Really weird there. Also, the pink rose turned streaky.

These are two I did using the same stamp. It is the same technique, except that I decided to see what a little Perfect Pearls by Ranger would look like. That would be the one on top. I think she looks kind of neat in a vintage kind of way. Actually she kind of reminds me of one of the women on the show Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, takes place during early Rome or gladiator years. I am so hooked on that show. I scanned them together, but they are actually two separate pieces.

I did these flowers and am still undecided about them. Strange thing is they look totally different now than they did when I worked them this morning. I need to learn to color the way the lady doing the demo does. Her flowers look like flowers, not like a crayon box threw up.

I came across this stamp and thought it had some promise. I really like the way it turned out. I will have to go to Michael's next week and buy a bigger set of pencils, I bought the one that has like 12 and the colors are very limited so now I will go for a bigger assortment. I REALLY need variety. Especially with this technique because there are quite a few colors that just do not show up on black. I also learned that I need a better pencil sharpener.

Today I got to go to the doctor with my daughter-in-law, all I can say is WOW has ultrasound come a long way. It was so incredible to sit and watch the little baby just bouncing around. Literally, bouncing around. Looked like it was pushing off the bottom and then floating back down, then doing it all again. Truly was affirmation that God is awesome and in charge.

Tomorrow is another class I am taking at the local scrapbooking store. It is a class for card making. Actually it more like a club, there is a class each month, she gives you a card to make using 5 different techniques. I like taking the class to learn and practice new and different techniques. It makes me complete something at any rate.

Now, hubby wants to head out camping for the week end. While I would really like to play on my quad again, we are under a winter storm watch. Where we plan to go is in the dessert, we will be fine no matter what the weather so not really worried about that, but we have to go over a set of mountains to get there and back home, which will close if they get the snow they are expecting. Plus my youngest daughter J. is going out of town with the church youth and I really hate being out of touch while she is out of town.

Thanks for dropping by and check back in to see more projects as I finish them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost Post

Well, I lost some postings it would seem. I know I posted after the 5th. Leave it to me to do that. Well, to show you what I have been up to I will just post all the photos and go from there.

This is from the class I took. Ink Boot Camp. We made a page for each of the techniques she showed up. Jenn Starr was wonderful and I actually had a great time and learned a lot.

This is the Distressed and Spritz techniques.

This is done with pigment inks.

This is the alcohol technique done on glossy or photo paper. I think it is my favorite from the class. I made the mottled background. I also went and picked out five colors to start with and all that goes with it. I already have several ideas for cards and such using this method along with some other mediums.

I am involved in my first card swap with a an internet group. The group is Card Crafts on Yahoo. They are a great group with great ideas. Some one on the group had posted about this video for making a pop up card with balloons. You can go here to see it. I used her idea and came up with this card for a "Travel" themed card.
The front is done with chipboard and ribbon sayings and a stamped image I colored and cut out then attached with foam dots for a dimensional look. The person this card is going to likes to visit California and Disneyland. I was really happy to find the paper with a palm tree image to use for this.

The inside is done with a Mickey Mouse punch to make balloons and with a small font I stamped the word Mickey on the balloons. A sheet of Disney paper had a border so I trimmed it off and used it for the bottom of the balloons. I used an acetate sheet to make the sticks of the balloon, but I think my sheet was way thicker than it needed to be. I know, I will be making some more of these, they are just too fun.

This is a view from the side to show the pop up effect a little more.

The theme for the next card is "Letter B". The card has to have an animal, flower, food or color to represent the letter. I think I accomplished it.

I used my Cricut cutter for this one. The pop up spring is made by punching a circle then cutting it in a spiral. I used my School Book Plantin cartridge to cut the circle so I could make it the correct size. The letters on the front and the word on the inside was done with the Lovely Floral cartridge. I cut the butterflies for the pop up out of some printed paper I had. I will make this type of card again, but will cut the spiral a little tighter and will pay a little more attention to the positioning of the start of the spiral. I have one more card to make for the swap, it is a free theme, so can do what ever I want. I bought some Flower Soft stuff to try making a card with a tree on it. Will see how that goes this afternoon.

Well that is all for now. I am off to have lunch with my mom. Today is my birthday and she is taking me out. The local quilt shop sent me a newsletter that showed some new fabric they got in that has little cakes all over it. Just can't pass it up and will get a little bit to make an apron for my cake class out of it. I have been sick so didn't make the class this week, I put the cake layers in the freezer until I am ready to work on them. Next week I have to take cupcakes.

Tomorrow is bowling and now that my new eyes finally got here am hoping that I will be able to see the arrows better. Maybe bowl a better game. Although, if I can just bowl as well as I did Saturday I will be happy. Hubby is off tomorrow so maybe he will go with me.

Thanks for stopping in and drop in anytime.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ready to Rest

I am so ready for a rest...just can't get it.

First, the cake decorating saga. For my Wilton Basic Cake Decorating class I made a practice cake this week. Lemon cake with raspberry filling. My drop flowers were just awful, my roses show a little bit of promise and with practice may get those figured out, the leaves were pretty decent, but my scroll/squiggle was dead on. Over all, think it turned out pretty well.

For Lesson 2 I have to make another cake and ice it to take to class Tuesday where we will decorate it. Going to learn to use piping gel to transfer a pattern to the cake. A cupcake design will be on the top of the cake. The last thing we need around this house is a flood of cakes sitting around. So...this flower cake (and let me mention that we have not had the class on flowers yet) went to the Ink Boot Camp workshop, about half of it was eaten. Then my mom's place is finally back to normal after the quarantine measures from the flu outbreak so her little group got together for a hot game of rummy cube so I took the rest of the cake up to them. WOW did they hit that. Not a crumb left. YEAH, that is just what I wanted. I admit, I did have one thin slice just so I could taste it, to know how it turned out. Now, Tuesday's cake will be taken to the bible study group on Wednesday morning. May just make a third cake on Wednesday, a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, and decorate it up for my birthday. I always have red velvet cake for my birthday.

Ink Boot Camp with Jenn Starr for Tim Holtz products. What is there to say? The class was one of the best attended and best organized that I have attended. Jenn is a great educator and did a phenomenal job of show casing the products. The ink techniques we went through were dye, pigment, alcohol, archival, distress, color wash, masking, embossing and then some. Even showed us how to use embossing ink and etch some glass. Later this week I will photograph the technique pages we made. The watercolor technique was quite interesting to me, but the alcohol inks were I think my favorite. They dry quick and the colors are so rich. I think embossing is still my favorite thing to do, but this class gave me some great techniques to use with the embossing to really make it pop. I also think that my new favorite inks are the Distress Ink's and will probably begin investing in all the colors of that line. I must say, the other ladies that took the class were all so friendly as well. A complete turn around from the way the crops have all gone. Now, to make some time to play with some stamping projects. I may just have to use that alcohol ink stuff for Easter cards. Maybe some Easter scrapbook pages. Those glimmer sprays were messy but a lot of fun as well and gave a really nice shimmer result. Monday night is the long awaited Cricut class. Thursday is an ATC class, will be a monthly class, but think I may wait until next month to do that as Mom is taking me to lunch that day for my birthday, going to the Elephant Bar.

Today I also made up the bowling league game I missed yesterday. I have to say that I am rather pleased with the out come and hope I do as well next Friday. Bowled my best game in a long time. Only a 129, but that sure beats the 58 from last week. Am thinking I should get J. a pair of bowling shoes so she can go with me more often.

Well, I am off to eat my chicken pot pie and try to figure out what I will cook for the next two weeks at least. We get paid on Monday and I will be grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday. Of course tomorrow is the great Super Bowl so know that will be going on, may just spend that time on the computer or pull out some stamps and play a bit. Yes, I do think that may be the ticket after all.

Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February already.

Well, it is already February. Sure has been strange with out a computer and I have been so busy.

I have made some more cards, just playing around a bit.

I used my Sizzix stuff to make this Christmas card. I didn't finish it out because I knew I wouldn't be using it. I cut the cold textured paper out going the wrong way which made the sleigh the wrong way. I had already made Santa, so if I actually put him in the sleigh he would be standing up backwards in it. I know that I could have easily changed it around and made it work, but it was a practice piece. The letters were done with the Cricut, trying to master the shadow feature. The sleigh is a pop up and it actually works rather well. I will be making more of them. However, I found a die cut for a pop up beach chair on clearance at the Sizzix Outlet so will be making it next. I am thinking maybe use it with some flip flops and a sandcastle and might just make that Christmas cards (you know, from California beaches?) to send to all the family. It is a thought. Some more of the Cricut play time, I made this birthday card.
I saw the design in a magazine or somewhere, just changed up the papers a bit and made it a "birthday" sentiment instead of a "thinking of you" one. I think it turned out pretty cute.

This week is full of fun things. I had made a cake over the weekend for my sweet daughter-in-law for her birthday.

The cake was a spiced rum cake with a pineapple cream cheese filling. Iced with a vanilla butter cream icing and decorated with chocolate almond butter cream. The chocolate was a tad bit on the sweet side, okay way over on the sweet side, but it was good to eat. I decided it was time to take a cake decorating class, so signed up and it started yesterday. I had a good time there, it really wasn't very expensive, and it is for four weeks. This week we decorated cookies with the star tip, next week we decorate a cake. I have always wanted to take the Wilton class, but never lived close enough to a place that offered it. I figure if nothing else, I can have fun decorating cakes and cupcakes for church, for my mom's bunch, for birthday parties and family get togethers. This is the Basic Cake Decorating 101 class, I also want to take the fondant and gum paste classes as well.

I already posted about the class I will be taking on Friday with Jenn Starr called Ink Boot Camp. I am really looking forward to that. Also on the paper craft front, I am planning on participating in some card exchanges through an internet group I belong to. Some one very dear to me had posted photos of journal type book she created for herself, chronicling the past year, to her blog. I was so inspired that I went out and found just the right calendar to take apart and use for my own. A couple of pages for each month, the dates entered for special times on the calendar and some photos of the events. I am making mine a little larger than hers, am using 8 1/2 x 11 size pages to give me a little more room, plus I wanted to put it in a binder. January was full of new things for me, so it will be fun to keep it up through the year. I have some others I need to work on as well, but the 2011 year will be top on the list.

I am working on three different computers today. The desktop is where the photos were for this post, so had to come in here once more to use that one. I have my brand new lap top up and going, installing my printer and wireless info and such on it. I am thinking ahead and have created a restore point on a flash drive for future reference. My sweet hubby bought it for me last night as a birthday gift. My old lap top is totally beyond help it is so infected with different types of virus. However, I will be turning it on and seeing if I can navigate through the little buggers to pull some photos and documents off.

Dinner tonight will be simple, as I am trying out my new toy. The electric Pressure Cooker arrived and can't wait to try it out. I need to run to the store for some dry beans and am making beans, then making some ribs. However, since I am feeling so nasty with this head cold, may just skip the beans tonight. I dare say that by the end of the week I should be back on track with posting menu plans as well. I need to clean up my work room from all my paper play so I can actually function.

Well, it is time for lunch so I am off to find some and to see how the lap top is doing.