Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Midweek Wednesday

Well the week is half over. It has been a bit crazy. Nothing unusual, but thought I should show a few things off. Last post I showed some cards I had made. It ended up that the one I made for "Travel" was actually the one I made for the "Free" swap. At least that worked out since the Free could be any technique and anything design I wanted to make.

This is the card I had made for the "Free" swap. Used the Cricut. Since I still had the Cricut out and set up when I realized my mess up with the cards. Since I needed a "travel" card, I came up with this idea when looking through my stash of papers I saw the atlas map.

I think it is pretty good. I just hope that people I swap with aren't disappointed. I have gotten two of the three swaps I joined. Really wonderful cards.

Here they are.

This is the "Free" swap I received from Carol. Blue is my favorite color, all shades of blue, I just like blue. It is a very nice card and I am so happy to have it.

This is the "travel" swap I received from Betty. It is really amazing and creative. I only wish the scan showed the details closer. The image is actually like four cut in different ways and to make the car dimensional.

Now, in the March swap, the technique is called Black Velvet. You can see the technique demo here. Her card looks amazing, and the technique is pretty easy, the only problem I have had with trying it was finding all the supplies. I was unable to find the low odor solvent calls Sansodor but on some message boards it was discussed that a few other solvents could be used. I bought some stuff called Turpenoid which is the least hazardous according to the web anyway. The other problem I had was with finding coloured pencils. I did not want to spend $30 to buy pencils to try out a technique I didn't know if I would even like, or be able to do. At any rate, there were several different types of coloured pencils, pastel pencils, watercolour pencils, it is very confusing. I did know that somewhere I read or heard to make sure that I didn't use the colored pencils that are bought for kids to use in school. I have to admit, I tried some crayola brand colored pencils because there were a lot more colors and I already had them. The coloring part went pretty well, except for using half a pencil for one rose, not being able to sharpen them very well and I kept breaking the lead. Only on certain colors though. Not sure if it was the way I was coloring or if it was the solvent making it too soft. At any rate I bought some pencils from Michael's which held up much better. However, on the video her box clearly states that they are woodless coloured pencils. That is not what was available at Michael's. I have no idea what woodless pencils are. Finally, you are supposed to spray a fixative to the final project. My stamping of the roses looked awesome until I sprayed it. After it sputtered on, leaving splotches, I took a second look at the can and found out I had bought spray adhesive, not fixative. About the stamping, the demo suggest using large stamps with a simple design. That is what I looked for when choosing my stamps. However, I had one stamp of lady laying in some flowers that I figured would be too detailed but was very surprised at how wonderful it came out. Here are my efforts from today at learning this technique.

This is the first one. When I sprayed it, the red in the roses disappeared. Really weird there. Also, the pink rose turned streaky.

These are two I did using the same stamp. It is the same technique, except that I decided to see what a little Perfect Pearls by Ranger would look like. That would be the one on top. I think she looks kind of neat in a vintage kind of way. Actually she kind of reminds me of one of the women on the show Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, takes place during early Rome or gladiator years. I am so hooked on that show. I scanned them together, but they are actually two separate pieces.

I did these flowers and am still undecided about them. Strange thing is they look totally different now than they did when I worked them this morning. I need to learn to color the way the lady doing the demo does. Her flowers look like flowers, not like a crayon box threw up.

I came across this stamp and thought it had some promise. I really like the way it turned out. I will have to go to Michael's next week and buy a bigger set of pencils, I bought the one that has like 12 and the colors are very limited so now I will go for a bigger assortment. I REALLY need variety. Especially with this technique because there are quite a few colors that just do not show up on black. I also learned that I need a better pencil sharpener.

Today I got to go to the doctor with my daughter-in-law, all I can say is WOW has ultrasound come a long way. It was so incredible to sit and watch the little baby just bouncing around. Literally, bouncing around. Looked like it was pushing off the bottom and then floating back down, then doing it all again. Truly was affirmation that God is awesome and in charge.

Tomorrow is another class I am taking at the local scrapbooking store. It is a class for card making. Actually it more like a club, there is a class each month, she gives you a card to make using 5 different techniques. I like taking the class to learn and practice new and different techniques. It makes me complete something at any rate.

Now, hubby wants to head out camping for the week end. While I would really like to play on my quad again, we are under a winter storm watch. Where we plan to go is in the dessert, we will be fine no matter what the weather so not really worried about that, but we have to go over a set of mountains to get there and back home, which will close if they get the snow they are expecting. Plus my youngest daughter J. is going out of town with the church youth and I really hate being out of touch while she is out of town.

Thanks for dropping by and check back in to see more projects as I finish them.

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