Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ready to Rest

I am so ready for a rest...just can't get it.

First, the cake decorating saga. For my Wilton Basic Cake Decorating class I made a practice cake this week. Lemon cake with raspberry filling. My drop flowers were just awful, my roses show a little bit of promise and with practice may get those figured out, the leaves were pretty decent, but my scroll/squiggle was dead on. Over all, think it turned out pretty well.

For Lesson 2 I have to make another cake and ice it to take to class Tuesday where we will decorate it. Going to learn to use piping gel to transfer a pattern to the cake. A cupcake design will be on the top of the cake. The last thing we need around this house is a flood of cakes sitting around. So...this flower cake (and let me mention that we have not had the class on flowers yet) went to the Ink Boot Camp workshop, about half of it was eaten. Then my mom's place is finally back to normal after the quarantine measures from the flu outbreak so her little group got together for a hot game of rummy cube so I took the rest of the cake up to them. WOW did they hit that. Not a crumb left. YEAH, that is just what I wanted. I admit, I did have one thin slice just so I could taste it, to know how it turned out. Now, Tuesday's cake will be taken to the bible study group on Wednesday morning. May just make a third cake on Wednesday, a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, and decorate it up for my birthday. I always have red velvet cake for my birthday.

Ink Boot Camp with Jenn Starr for Tim Holtz products. What is there to say? The class was one of the best attended and best organized that I have attended. Jenn is a great educator and did a phenomenal job of show casing the products. The ink techniques we went through were dye, pigment, alcohol, archival, distress, color wash, masking, embossing and then some. Even showed us how to use embossing ink and etch some glass. Later this week I will photograph the technique pages we made. The watercolor technique was quite interesting to me, but the alcohol inks were I think my favorite. They dry quick and the colors are so rich. I think embossing is still my favorite thing to do, but this class gave me some great techniques to use with the embossing to really make it pop. I also think that my new favorite inks are the Distress Ink's and will probably begin investing in all the colors of that line. I must say, the other ladies that took the class were all so friendly as well. A complete turn around from the way the crops have all gone. Now, to make some time to play with some stamping projects. I may just have to use that alcohol ink stuff for Easter cards. Maybe some Easter scrapbook pages. Those glimmer sprays were messy but a lot of fun as well and gave a really nice shimmer result. Monday night is the long awaited Cricut class. Thursday is an ATC class, will be a monthly class, but think I may wait until next month to do that as Mom is taking me to lunch that day for my birthday, going to the Elephant Bar.

Today I also made up the bowling league game I missed yesterday. I have to say that I am rather pleased with the out come and hope I do as well next Friday. Bowled my best game in a long time. Only a 129, but that sure beats the 58 from last week. Am thinking I should get J. a pair of bowling shoes so she can go with me more often.

Well, I am off to eat my chicken pot pie and try to figure out what I will cook for the next two weeks at least. We get paid on Monday and I will be grocery shopping on Monday or Tuesday. Of course tomorrow is the great Super Bowl so know that will be going on, may just spend that time on the computer or pull out some stamps and play a bit. Yes, I do think that may be the ticket after all.

Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.


  1. The Ink workshop sounds yummy! I've got most all of the Distress inks, (plus the Tim Holtz/Ranger stickles, reinkers, alchohol inks, stamps, dies, etc.!) and find I'm using them more and more.Wish we had those workshops around here.

    Enjoy the cakes but don't eat too much (birthday excepted of course).

  2. Beautiful cake! I can't tell that you haven't had the class yet--looks perfectly lovely and you already have confirmation that it was yummy, LOL!

    The bootcamp sounds like a success for you. Wish we had more workshops like that around my town, too.