Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No More Classes

Yesterday was total disappointment. The class was just not what I had expected and feel like I just wasted money. Here's my thinking. When you pay for a class you are paying for the materials, the teacher and learning a new technique. The shop gave me a list of things to bring, like adhesives, heat set tool, cutters, pen and paper. The session was supposed to be from 10 - 1. I ended up leaving early, had just had enough. I will, in the future, be a little more thoughtful before choosing to take a class.

For this class, here is my opinion of what I got.

This is the single image I ended up with for a project. I used chalk technique for coloring it in. I have a piece of pink card stock that was given to us to make a card. I used my chalks, so, I spent $22 for the use of one rubber stamp, one piece of card stock, and one small set of acrylic stamps. They are button shaped. That is it.

I admit, that this is the third stamping of the image, the first one she had us color all in the same colors, in other words no shading or blending, to show us how flat it looked. I KNOW THAT, why do you think I am taking the class. Then she had us stamp a second image to practice the shading. I would really like to figure out how to use markers and blend them, but that was not part of this class. Then the third image was stamped and we used our new blending knowledge to make the image for our card. Great, I learned that chalks and colored pencils can be erased. She was amazed that my watercolor attempt made the paper soggy. DA? Water and card stock?

I should also back up and tell you that the first hour of the class was spent making a color wheel and her going on about the technical aspects of the colors, their hue, their tint, their properties, then telling us that she was getting too technical and too deep for us at this point. DO YOU THINK she could have decided that about thirty minutes earlier?

Well, you get the point. I am now more confused than ever about shading and blending. Everyone I have seen doing these techniques has always stated to do the lightest colors first, but she told us to color in the darkest areas first. So, I will go back to spending time watching the tutorials on
You Tube and Splitcoaststampers. There are a few more forums, if you go to any for ideas and techniques please leave me the link in a comment so I can try them out too.

Now, on to more positive things. I posted earlier about the card making class. Here is what I made in that class.

I really enjoyed this last card as I love the watercolor effect. However, if you read my previous post, this is the card that she let us use a set of watercolors for the flowers that is no longer available to purchase. Why showcase or teach a product that we cannot buy and use again? I don't know, but at any rate, that is about how this teacher goes. Here is another example of how this class goes. She gave us these two cutouts of an apron.

She did have this done as an example, but she had done it as an invitation for tasting party. She gave us a brief run down on how she used the computer to print the info and then cut the apron afterwards, telling us to just take them and do what we want with them. By the way, the aprons were done with the Cricut and the Kitchen cart.

I went to Michael's yesterday and really hit on a tremendous sale. I finally found the "Woodless Colour Pencils" that were used in the demo for the "Black Velvet" technique. They have all their art pencils, pens, and paints on sale as well as canvas and drawing pads. I am going to go back today and see about some more water colour sets. I saw yesterday some water colour crayons that I want to check in to a little more. I think those would be great for making backgrounds. I also want to check in to some type of color that I can apply to give a pearl like finish.

Now, you decide. "Card Making" class, $15 and two hours, all materials are furnished, come home with 5 cards. I do believe that is a much better bang for my buck. Of course, it is always the same techniques. One water colour, one embossed, one distressed, one die cut, and one that is kind of a mix. At least this month's class had only one holiday themed card, in January every card was hearts and love. I joined some more swaps, so when the theme fits I will use some of these cards for that. I have a list of about 10 cards I want to make so will busy with that this week. I can't wait to play with the Black Velvet technique, alcohol inks, and some more water colour projects.

My cake decorating class is over. The next class is flower making, then gum paste. However, this current class was cancelled mid session and will be made up in May so I will wait until then to see about taking the flower classes, but at the moment am just not inclined to further invest in that hobby. I mean really, my goal is met, I learned enough to decorate for a family cake. You really need to just practice, like anything else, and honestly there isn't a one of us in this family needs the practice projects sitting around the house to eat.

Wow, with this laptop I got a love that "control + z" to recover lost text I am writing. I guess I am touching the mouse pad that is built in to the laptop as I will be just typing away and suddenly be on a totally different place in the page and deleted half of what I just typed. Unfortunately, it only works with what is written between automatic saves.

I need to check my mail, go to the grocery store, and make out my menu plan for this week at least. It really does work so much better to know what is going to be made. It also helps me to manage my time a little better as well. I am going to try and take advantage of the gadgets I have accumulated such as the pressure cooker and slow cooker to save time so I can keep working on my projects while I try to remember to keep some laundry going. The laundry doesn't win most of the time.

Check back in as I post my progress. Feel free to leave a comment, I love knowing that someone has read this.


  1. Great cards you've made but I can understand that you're disapointed about the other class, didn't sound like it was worth the money!
    Hugs, Elenor (justcards)


  2. I hear you about classes. I've taken some turkey classes myself. I've also bought some turkey how-to books. Like you, I find the YouTube videos more helpful and I go to these forums regularly:




    Hope that helps.