Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost Post

Well, I lost some postings it would seem. I know I posted after the 5th. Leave it to me to do that. Well, to show you what I have been up to I will just post all the photos and go from there.

This is from the class I took. Ink Boot Camp. We made a page for each of the techniques she showed up. Jenn Starr was wonderful and I actually had a great time and learned a lot.

This is the Distressed and Spritz techniques.

This is done with pigment inks.

This is the alcohol technique done on glossy or photo paper. I think it is my favorite from the class. I made the mottled background. I also went and picked out five colors to start with and all that goes with it. I already have several ideas for cards and such using this method along with some other mediums.

I am involved in my first card swap with a an internet group. The group is Card Crafts on Yahoo. They are a great group with great ideas. Some one on the group had posted about this video for making a pop up card with balloons. You can go here to see it. I used her idea and came up with this card for a "Travel" themed card.
The front is done with chipboard and ribbon sayings and a stamped image I colored and cut out then attached with foam dots for a dimensional look. The person this card is going to likes to visit California and Disneyland. I was really happy to find the paper with a palm tree image to use for this.

The inside is done with a Mickey Mouse punch to make balloons and with a small font I stamped the word Mickey on the balloons. A sheet of Disney paper had a border so I trimmed it off and used it for the bottom of the balloons. I used an acetate sheet to make the sticks of the balloon, but I think my sheet was way thicker than it needed to be. I know, I will be making some more of these, they are just too fun.

This is a view from the side to show the pop up effect a little more.

The theme for the next card is "Letter B". The card has to have an animal, flower, food or color to represent the letter. I think I accomplished it.

I used my Cricut cutter for this one. The pop up spring is made by punching a circle then cutting it in a spiral. I used my School Book Plantin cartridge to cut the circle so I could make it the correct size. The letters on the front and the word on the inside was done with the Lovely Floral cartridge. I cut the butterflies for the pop up out of some printed paper I had. I will make this type of card again, but will cut the spiral a little tighter and will pay a little more attention to the positioning of the start of the spiral. I have one more card to make for the swap, it is a free theme, so can do what ever I want. I bought some Flower Soft stuff to try making a card with a tree on it. Will see how that goes this afternoon.

Well that is all for now. I am off to have lunch with my mom. Today is my birthday and she is taking me out. The local quilt shop sent me a newsletter that showed some new fabric they got in that has little cakes all over it. Just can't pass it up and will get a little bit to make an apron for my cake class out of it. I have been sick so didn't make the class this week, I put the cake layers in the freezer until I am ready to work on them. Next week I have to take cupcakes.

Tomorrow is bowling and now that my new eyes finally got here am hoping that I will be able to see the arrows better. Maybe bowl a better game. Although, if I can just bowl as well as I did Saturday I will be happy. Hubby is off tomorrow so maybe he will go with me.

Thanks for stopping in and drop in anytime.


  1. Very Creative Dianna. I like both of these.

  2. Dianna,
    I can't find a way to e-mail you from here so will post this. Thank you for visiting my blog about Edith, my 93 yr old stamping friend. I believe she got the House Mouse Stamp from The Stamp Shoppe. They ship too. 715-355-6735

  3. Dianna, I asked Edith about the stamp and she did get it from The Stamp Shoppe but it is quite old and you may have better luck finding it from an on-line source. Joanne says they don't have it in stock right now but they could get it for you.