Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning

Kind of a weird Monday. One, daughter J is not here, she has been gone all week end to a lake camp with the youth from church. We have a winter storm that hit on Friday morning early and I am sure that the kids got lots of snow. Which they will really enjoy I am sure. It is also a holiday for the schools around here for President's day.

I took my alarm clock to mom's since we would be gone over the weekend. I will have to go get it today, but it is strange to not have it as I usually go back to sleep after hubby goes to work. I gave up though and have gotten up to catch up on a few things. So, guess that will work out for the good in the end.

We had a great week end. I really wasn't wanting to go out to the dessert in the middle of winter storm, was not so worried about the weather there as I was about getting back over the mountain pass with the snow they were predicting. The wind was blowing like crazy here in town, with an obvious chill to it. I went and bowled my league games, had one really good game, two average games. Then went to drop a couple of things off at Mom's that she just had to have, knew she needed them all week, but waited until Thursday (left me a message while I was in my cardmaking class) knowing that I was trying to get things loaded up for the trip. Finally got the trailer loaded and off we went. Once we got over the pass the weather was great. Kind of windy, which it always is in the dessert, a little chilly on Saturday with little spurts of rain. Not the best conditions to ride in, but not the worst either. Sunday morning we got up and the sun was out, warmer and hardly any wind. We took off on one more long ride just tootling around and then back to camp where we packed it all up and headed home by way of pizza at Mojave.

Friday was also the birthday for a sweet little lady that lives at Mom's place. She is the president of their Red Hat Society group so I made her a red had card. Simple card using embossing folder. I think it turned out cute.

I also received a really nice card from Linda in the swap I was involved with.

As a bonus, she included this neat little scratch note pad made using a time card with butterflies. What a creative idea to use the time card.

I did go to a card making class on Thursday, and while I enjoy the exposure to new techniques, was not happy with the class this time and not really sure I will continue on with them. First of all, I just hate not having directions to take home so I can make the card again. I mean really is it such a great design that it has to be a national secret? The other thing is she uses papers that are left over from a year ago so we can't purchase them, uses stamps that are not available any longer for purchase, uses supplies that the store is out of (and the story has become pretty well known for not having the supplies in stock) and my favorite was having us use a coloring technique with a set of colors that we all wanted to buy but come to find out is not available any more as the company that makes them has discontinued them. The store's stock has pretty much been the same answer as well, it is ordered and should be here the end of the month, or in two weeks. I just hate it when I decide to buy some little gizmo or such and then cannot buy it anywhere. There is a really neat little distressing tool and sanding blocks that "Close To My Heart" carries, went online to find a local demonstrator, she wouldn't take my order, told me to go online and order it through the web page. Back to the subject of the class. I have the cards that we made, but need to finish them all up a bit. Needs the ribbon embellishment as there was no ribbon to match my cards at the store. I don't understand why this woman couldn't kit the cards like she did last month. I know she went to the big craft show, but she also knew that this was a monthly thing. Maybe it was just a bad set of events for her, there was stamps missing (the images to be used for the card) supplies that were not available, her computer died so we were not able to have the hand outs. She didn't even have the sample cards made for us to see what we were making. She did have the box of almost 40 chicken cut outs that she had to make in order to get 8 that were usable. She had problems with the Cricut, and she cut them out the night before the class. Did get to use some cool water pens, but of course the shop was out of them. Will post photos when I finish them.

Okay, today is a rubber stamp class, supposed to bring home a rubber stamp. It is the same teacher so will see what kind of day she is having. Sadly, this is the same woman that teaches many of the lower cost classes that are monthly classes. Hmmm, maybe she is why they are lower cost. In my opinion, they are still pretty pricey for what we get. Guess I better get off of the computer and get my bag together for the class. I feel that if I am having to pay for the materials used in the class, I should not have to take all my own materials. I know, just kind of strange that way.

Well, thanks for dropping in and come back for a visit soon.

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