Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night

The sound of the rain coming down is soothing for a change. I am sure tomorrow is going to be mess weather wise. They are expecting snow down to 1,000 feet which is very rare for here even in dead winter. It also means that more than likely the roads out of town will be closed a while. It doesn't snow here in town, like ever, so for them to even forecast a chance of it is all the talk. At any rate, it is just pouring down. I think rain is still a hard concept for me since moving here. We moved here from West Texas and when it rained, you had drops of water or sheets of water pouring down. Now granted, it might not be raining across the street, I have watched it pour in the front yard and leave the back yard dry. But it was still rain drops. We moved to California and here the rains are more like a heavy mist. No true drops, is a little damp, but not much more. I mean really, is it truly rain if you can't hear it on the roof or against the window? I think not.

I really got on a roll the last couple of days. Where do I begin? My little craft room is half straightened so many papers, ribbons, glues, you know. I got the Cricut carts put back in their place, the Cricut up on the shelf and decided to post on the old blog spot. I have made 3 cards for one group's swap, 4 cards for another group's swap (still need to make one more for that set) and also made a replacement card for one of the group's hostess that was in need of some. It is a card called "Never Ending Card" and is just the coolest thing. I am sure you all already know about these, but go check it out if you aren't. I had never made one so was really fussing over the final card because I wanted to make sure of the quality before sending it out. But, I did good with it.

Here is the side story to that. We have two local scrapbook stores in town. The one I usually go to is literally only blocks from my house. That is where I have attended some classes and to buy the more specialty items that the general craft stores may not have. It is also the home of the classes I have been a bit ...put out with...lately. So, since I was headed to that side of town anyway, I thought I would just pop in that store and give the place a look over. First impression is the difference between Macy's and Walmart. Only the prices weren't much different. The staff was quite friendly as was one of the owners that was in the store putting an order together. Got started talking and she asked what my current project was, I told her about the card and that I had not made one before. She asked to see it, I showed it to her and next thing I know she was asking for my name and phone number to see if might be interested in teaching it to a class. OH MY GOSH! Guess the card is good to go at any rate. Now, I don't know if she will ever call me, but just the thought is pretty awesome for me. I did notice, that they must have the same phobia about handouts as the other store. There were signs up asking us to please not take photos of the class samples. I just don't understand this mentality that the directions are not meant to be shared. REALLY NOW, do you think that your little project is so special and only thought up by you? I may try one of their classes just to have some idea of how a different class would be held. I was overwhelmed by the amount of papers and flowers this store carries, disappointed in the amount of stamps and products. She carries no Flower Soft at all, I took her last paper distress tool, her last set of small sanders, and she is ordering some water pens so I can buy one. They are very pricey so may have to wait a bit on that. Sure wish I could find them somewhere cheaper.

At any rate, like I said, I only have one more card to make and my March swaps are good to go as soon as the name for our swap partners are listed. The next card to make is another new technique, but will get to use a rubber stamp. I also need to go through my stash and find ten stamps that will give great stamped images to swap as well. Ten different stamps that is. I am up for the challenge though. I just pulled a bunch of acrylic butterfly stamps out of the dollar bin at Michael's. Also got some rather unique shoe images that I feel could be really fun to use as well. Even a purse to go with them. LOL Next week, I have cleaning and sorting all over the house to do, will have to take a little break from the papers and do a little laundry. I need to better sort my punches and do some playing with them. Don't won't them to have any hurt feelings, I know they are already feeling very left out.

I don't want to post the photos of the cards just yet, but will as soon as the partners have been announced and will know which one is going where. So, check back for the photos to come.

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