Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning and I am trying to get all caught up. I am trying a little something new. I created a Flickr account for all my cards so instead of posting all the photos I can post the link for you to go look at.

Time for a new set of swaps. March is here, still trying to figure out where Feb. went, so my card swaps are going out. Feb. I was in 3 swaps on my Card Craft group. For March, I am in 3 swaps on Card Craft again and joined a new group, Just Cards and joined in on 5 of their swaps. Click here to see the cards I made for the swap. I kicked myself for loosing the scan of the technique swap for the JC water gel card. That is why out of 8 swaps there are only 7 cards. If the person that receives the card scans it, hopefully she will send me a copy. I had an idea pop in my head while making that card, so will be doing that in the future and will get a photo of that one to post.

Daughter J is home sick, having to keep an eye on her. Nothing serious, and even though she is 14, and we did go to doctor yesterday, I am supposed to keep her home today and just watch her for any changes. Personally, I think she is just avoiding a math test, but there was a little something physical going on that the doctor found so I am following his advice. I need to do some laundry, but not really sure that will happen. LOL

I have a few things to do this week, going to see how much of it I can get done this afternoon and evening. Since J won't be going to her ice skating lesson, due to illness, I won't have to get out this evening. I really need to get my organizing hat back on and get some menu's planned out once again, and this is a week end goal. Tonight though, we are having pork chops, rice and green beans for supper. Maybe have brussel sprouts using a recipe from Paula Deen, LOVE this woman. I thought about putting the chops in the crock pot, but decided I will bake them in the oven and just use cooking supper as a break from the craft room. Okay, honestly it will force me out of the room for a bit. I could just sit and craft all day and way in to the night. But, this demanding family expects clean dishes, clean clothes and cooked food. Darn the lot.

Well, still have to go through a ton of emails and sitting on here is not getting much of anything that needs to be done accomplished. Thanks for stopping by and drop in any time.

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  1. So glad I popped over and clicked into your Flickr! Your cards are fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing more!
    Take care!
    PS I, like you, love Paula!