Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chaos...seeing the light...maybe.

I am now officially in the land of chaos. Boxes of stuff every where and not sure what to do with it all. A week of emotionally draining sorting of things with memories attached. Why do we put so much emotion in to the things, the material things, is a mystery to me. I watch a show on TV about hoarders and know that could easily be what I become. If my hubby goes first that is. LOL

At any rate, one week down, now to spend the next days putting things in a place, finding a place to put the things, and finding my life again. No more working, means no more extra funds which I had gotten used to. A sacrifice I am totally willing to take on. There is no way I would be able to handle all of this and work as well. I have come to the realization that my cooking skills have gotten very rusty while working. I have discovered how unorganized I am at home as well. All of which I need to work on along with getting things put away. I do have a place for my ceramic figures that I made for my dad. Seeing a chair my dad used was a big enough problem for one son, wonder what he will feel when he sees the deer head and figures.

One bonus, having a week in a house with no TV, no internet, gave me some work time on the afghan I am crocheting. I changed hook sizes, so the new part looks a little odd, but I am not frogging this thing. I hate the colors, John Deere colors because little grand son liked John Deere but of course he has out grown that phase before I could get it finished. I noticed a stitch on the on the wrong side of the design, but have decided that it will be my humility stitch. Similar to the humility block in a quilt. Humility to remind us that only Jesus was perfect. The afghan has been a work in progress, a really simple design in fact, but due to my "humility" stitches in more than one place, I have modified the design some what. It definitely won't be the quality that would sell, but will be excellent quality for a charity. Have no idea who would want the charity project, it is too long to be a lap robe, too long to be a child's afghan for Linus Project or similar, but I am sure that some where it is needed or I would not have been led to finish it. I found out long ago, once I learned that craftsmanship is my gift from God, that God always has a destination for every item I create. No matter how long it takes to make it, and I may have to put it up in the closet for a while, but there will always be some place for it to go, for someone that needs it, show up.

Well, playing around on the computer is not getting anything done. And I have a lot to do. to my email and then to the kitchen to sort cabinets and empty boxes.

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