Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Taking a bit of a break while I try and decide where to go with what, what to do with what, what to do next.

Today is so pretty outside that I had to go and take a photo of my lone yellow rose that survived the wind storm.

Originally it was climbing in front of the living room window, I had an arched trellis that had honey suckle growing all over it as well, but the wind storm destroyed it. Kind of ironic that I have this heap of beat up greenery running a muck every where and out of it is this single vine pushing it's head high to hold up a single rose. The honey suckle is blooming out and those vines are just all spread out, which I am sure is just where it will stay becoming ground cover instead of trained climbers.

Now that I have my treasures put away, thought I would post a some photos of the glass ware in hopes that some one might be able to identify the pattern for me. All I know about them is that they are supposed to be depression ware.

I have both stem ware in pink and clear, there are shorter wider ones that my mother has called sherbert glasses. I also have the matching cream and sugar bowl plus a couple of serving pieces as well. Mom would pour ginger ale in the stem ware, put rainbow or orange sherbert in the sherbert glasses and we would play tea party with them. We always had bologna and cheese as well, having to eat bread so we wouldn't get worms. Whole story for another time.

This is another pink piece. Not sure what it is, maybe a sugar bowl, but a large one.

I also have a larger serving bowl with a lid that matches. Have always loved these pieces as they match up with mom's Dessert Rose dishes.

The last piece is from an aunt, not sure if it is actual depression glass, but know that it is probably from the 30's as it was supposed to come from the home place, or the home my mom and her sister's grew up in.

Like I posted, if anyone has any idea what these patterns are called please let me know.

On the another front, the afghan is moving along, slowly, but growing. I am however ready to be done with it. Crochet is so slow for me. Rather, I am slow at crochet. Hubby announced we would be taking a day trip this week end and I will take it along and see how much I can get done. There was a plan for several strips of the yellow and green, but the plans are constantly being revised and shortened. Will see what I actually end up with.

Guess I better sign off now, nothing will get done if I spend the day on the computer. Need to run get some meat for supper as well. Until next time.

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