Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anticipation - tough to handle

The anticipation of life is killing me at the moment. First is the waiting for the new grand son due to arrive later this month. I want to see him, hold him, hug him, know that my daughter is okay as well. I want to see my older grand son who will be moving to the roll of big brother. I miss them terribly.

Next is the anticipation of finally having a room of my own to sew in, work on embroidery, or crochet, or paper craft projects. I have been working like crazy getting my daughter's new room all painted (purple) with new curtains, new blind, new closet doors (although they are fabric curtains instead of the wood doors) so we can finally get her moved in. Don't get to put new carpet in, no time or money for it, but I shampooed them and they are at least clean now. The big items should be moved this evening. Then, it will be my turn for my new room. OH HAPPY DAYS! Lot more work, but will sure be worth it. I have the crafting bug sooo bad. I am constantly planning how I want to arrange things in there, now that I found out I will also have to place a couch in there. But, it will still work out. I won't have enough room to fix it all the way I want to, but hey, I used to have a corner of the bedroom so now to have a whole bedroom and closet is just so...I am giddy. I think it will be so much fun just pulling my supplies out and finding everything once again. I was making the curtains to go over my daughter's closet door when I realized that I couldn't even find a box of pins, sewing thread or such. I just stared at the sewing machine for a moment taking it all in that I was finally sewing. Not a quilt like I want or machine embroidery work, but it is a start. Only, it sure makes me want to drop everything and work on a project. Then I catch myself wanting to short track the jobs at hand so I can get things set up quicker. But, I am holding strong and firm to do this right. I will post photos of things when we are done. And of course when the baby gets here.

Good thing is I have been so busy I have not been spending all my time on Facebook games. Okay, just wanted to post once again, which I have, so now it is off to make supper, check on the waterbed draining, install a set of shelves in daughter's new room, then get her moving in there hopefully for her to sleep in the new digs tonight.

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