Friday, July 23, 2010

Here I Go

Okay, first, I am headed out see my new grand baby arrive. We leave this evening and so you understand a little, my hubby drives this drive (from California to Texas) in one shot, straight through, approximately 20 hours, depends on how much we have to get gas and potty. If my daughter has not delivered by Monday, they will induce early Monday morning, she is to check in to the hospital just after midnight on Sunday. I am so excited, so nervous, so ready for it all to be over. I miss them, my daughter and the oldest grandson, her husband, and hubby's family along with my brother that all live in Texas, but you know how it is when you get in a groove so to speak, I am so ready to finish up the painting and re-arranging around here so I can actually start sewing something.

In preparation for that day, that I get to actually sew, I did a little bit of shopping. I promised myself I would not spend a lot, but JoAnn's is having a sale on Butterick patterns. Anyone seen the price of patterns lately? You can sure understand why I wanted to buy them when I could get them for .99 of course. Yes, $.99, a penny less than a dollar. I loaded up and am so pleased to have some vintage look patterns. Of course these are reprints or new releases of some old patterns, but the style is there. I took some photos of the ones I have narrowed down to being the first project. Of course, I can't find my USB cord for my camera, I downloaded them to the main computer (which is really ill and running slow) in order to email them to my laptop, which doesn't have a card reader slot. I know one thing I will be buying very soon. Couldn't even find my flash drive to move it over with then accidentally deleted the memory card. If it actually shows up, I will post them. Not holding my breath.

At any rate, as I said, I was going to be a very good girl and use up all I have stashed away before buying any more fabric, but, I saw this lovely lavender plesae (not sure how to spell that, kind of a textured fabric) that was on the clearance bin. It has a floral print and just screams "I look like grand ma's Sunday dress" all over it. I checked the end of the bolt, it is a poly cotton blend, which I don't mind, and one pattern calls for 5 yards, another pattern calls for 3 1/2 yards. So...yep, I bought 5 yards. Five yards plus 23 inches which since that was what would have been a remnant they gave me at 50% off. Get this, the fabric was already marked down to $2.00 a yard. So depending on which pattern I use, I will either get a nice dress, or dress plus a blouse for about $12.00 (fabric and pattern) and maybe a zipper. One pattern calls for a side zipper, never done that before, the other doesn't have a zipper (but a recent review of this pattern I read didn't believe that the type of fabric I bought today was stiff enough to hold up to the design pressure of the seams) . I also picked up a piece of pale blue small stripe light cotton fabric, which I shouldn't of because marked down it was still $5 a yard, but it has a lovely blue floral embroidery all over. I really needed three yards for the blouse pattern I had bought, but that was for the longer length and long sleeves. I took what was left, 2.4 yards, so maybe if I go with a shorter length and shorten the sleeves, it will make it. I have some different patterns in my little stash, and have some true vintage patterns coming that bought from Ebay, so may just use one of those tops and pair it up with a denim skirt or capri pant. If you follow my blog, you will soon learn that I am in love with blue. Most any shade of blue. I am just so ready to start on something. A few hours cutting out may just have to be my reward for getting walls painted. Then some sewing time to take a break while rugs dry from shampooing. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Oh, and I also picked up a couple of patterns that I think will be good to make up and sell in my Etsy store when I get it up and going. That is the plan anyway, maybe be able to make a little extra money from making and selling some items. Not sure just yet exactly just what. But is a little dream to hold on to. Maybe I can make cards or such. Heaven knows I have enough to work with laying around this house. Should say stuffed in various areas of storage around this house. It is just making me really anxious to get working on something. I was asked to repair some chair cushions that a dog had gotten a hold of, which I did, but it made me want to sew.

Went to a thrift store a couple of days ago and it was fun for a really short trip. There was no yarn or patterns, but there was a really great looking old sewing machine in a small wooden cabinet that had been painted white. They only wanted $25 for it, no idea what brand or if it even worked, but the cabinet was great. May even go back and check it over a little closer when I get the house all arranged and see if I can find a corner to put it in. LOL I did however not leave empty handed. Saw it, zeroed in on it, snagged the perfect red hat for my mom. She has recently joined the Red Hat Society so she leaves it up to me to dress her for it. Youngest daughter snagged a beret (only kind of hat they can wear in school) and a cute little pair of flats. When we get back, may go in and check over the hats a bit more. I remember my mom wearing all sorts of hats to church, I also have some of those hats that were her's in the 40's and 50's and the one I saw there was a blue, bright blue like a robin's egg. I love blue.

Guess I better get off of here and finish packing up what I need to get together for the trip. Don't want to forget anything, but we are trying to go light this trip. My oldest daughter that we are going to go see lives in the same town we moved here from. She grew up in that town, so I still know where some great thrift shops and antique stores are there.

I will post photos when I get back. Have a great day.

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  1. Have a safe and fun trip!
    Please email me your email address to I can send you instructions on how to send me your Rewind Project photos and your button!