Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Turn Over

Here we are, another week begins (if you go by the calendar) or ends, depends on how you look at it. I know that Sunday is the first day of the week on my calendar planner, but to me Monday has always been the first day of the week. How about you?

I have been working on planning some things, then getting back on track with my meal planning and using what is already in the pantry and freezer. Went Saturday and bought a bill of groceries for this pay period. The tough thing about this is that we will be home this week, then we have a week of camping. Two nights in the dessert out riding, then home and unload, clean, load up again for three nights at the beach. Then home, and unload, clean then have Easter dinner for the family. I spent way too much, mainly because hubby went shopping with me. However, all the main meat for the camping trip and Easter dinner were bought so I don't really have to shop too much for about three weeks for certain, am aiming for 4-5 weeks. I know it won't exactly be what the family really wants to eat, but there will be a home cooked, mainly healthy meal each night. Will be posting some of the dinners as I go along, have several new recipes that I will be trying out.

I have to admit, I have picked up with doing some couponing, after watching the show Extreme Couponing on TLC the other night. HOWEVER...I am not by any means jumping in to the middle of that ocean of insanity. Oh my gosh, will not even start on the blatant fraud that show exhibited, nor the insanity of the amounts of product they are stock piling. I was just pleased to have a dollar coupon to use on my mom's coffee for her. I am watching Hoarding:Buried Alive and this woman had over 100 bottles of shampoo, enough to last 16 years. Made me think about the coupon people, the man with his purchase of 115 deodorants. I guess if you just have shelves to stack all of it up on, then it is a stockpile to be proud of, when you just throw it where ever in the house it is hoarding. Very fine line there if you ask me.

I have an idea. TLC should find a group of three individuals and follow them across several of their shows. Here is what it would look like. Lets say Adam, Betty and Carol are the participants on the shows. First, you could follow them through an episode of My Strange Addiction with the addiction being that they like to dumpster dive for glossy paper inserts to then take home and cut up. Oh and maybe Betty has an addiction to shopping and they they could follow her over to What Not To Wear to help her at least purchase a better choice of style for herself. Then, of course, put them on Extreme Couponing so everyone can see how they save so much money. Since it is obvious, being a part of TLC, that they don't mind allowing millions of viewers see them kind of move the line of legal and not legal around a bit, the couponers could show the Sister Wives how to save money and buy in quantity. At least they could use the huge amounts of products with all those people in those four families that are headed by one man. The couponers and their stockpiles could be featured on Hoarding:Buried Alive and maybe they could get help understanding that buying 72 bottles of mustard, when no one in the family even likes mustard (not to mention emptying the shelves so no one else could buy any), is a behavioral problem. Of course with all the money they save, the couponers that have small daughters could then go on to Toddlers and Tiaras to show that their couponing saves them enough to pay for all those outfits, coaches, tanning sessions, hair appointments and of course don't forget the flippers.

Yet I still keep watching the shows.

I have a few things to take care of for my mom tomorrow...again. I will go work out, then to her place and if I am really...I do mean extremely...lucky I may be home by two in the afternoon. I need to finish up a few cards for a swap, then make a birthday card for my oldest daughter. I also need to deep clean my bedroom, put up some clothes laying about and hopefully find my riding jersey before our trip.

Guess that is about all I have to say for now. Need to go clean out the fridge and let the dogs feel especially lucky tonight with all the crap that was supposed to be eaten, was not because hubby refuses to eat left overs, and is now in the fridge rotting. Of course, he will have to say a few words about how much money we waste on food that isn't eaten. Then I remind him it was his choice not to eat it. I will admit, I am too aware of some of the things that he does not like so I can use that by threatening to make it to usually get an offer of eating out some where. Yes, I know that is tricky and sneaky and probably wrong. But hey, if it works?

Thanks for stopping in, I am off to work in the kitchen.

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