Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They Shoot Horses!

Back in the day, they would shoot a horse that felt the way I have been feeling. Some one, please shoot me...with a sleeping I can get a few hours of sleep.

Just when I seem to hit a groove with my battle of the bulge, something always kicks me in the back side. First was some muscle pain. Which I could work through, I expected as much. Then, my family loves me so much they brought home a nasty bug to share. So much so that as I got over it they decided to give it back...a second time. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Then we had a death in the family. Now, I didn't have to go anywhere, didn't have to make any decisions or arrangements. But, this was some one very dear to me. While I am saddened for her family to have to go through this, I am happy that she is now in a better place, with the loved ones that have gone ahead, her mind is now clear and she is happy once again. It does, well any death that is close to me, bring up feelings of loosing my dad. I still miss him so dearly and have absolutely no idea how to manage the feelings of overwhelming sadness that come over me, the pain of feeling all alone even though I am not, the anger at him leaving me. He was laying there in a bed, unable to speak, looking at me that those loving eyes that I grew up with. I promised him to take care of my mom so if he needed to leave he could. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that, maybe he would have fought a little harder. Did I make it too easy for him to leave? At any rate I have kept my promise.

Taking care of mom in some ways have been a lot easier than I had anticipated, but more time consuming than I ever thought in others. This week has been one of those weeks, and of course since we will be gone several days this next week she gets a little anxious. All in all, she does well.

I have been receiving several of the cards from all the group swaps I participate in. I have been so tied up with being sick, dealing with my pity parties, that I have now become late in mailing out. I will get that corrected tomorrow. Also hope to get a birthday card out to my oldest daughter. Last year it was about 4 months late.

I am so ready for out two little vacation trips. First, a few days in the desert to ride the quad. We have had an unusually wet few months, lower temps than usual, so the desert is alive with spring blooms of every kind of color. I am taking my camera out on some rides to see what kind of photos I can get. Then home to unload the trailer from riding and reload for beach. God knew I was in a sad spot, we accidentally came across three nights together at one of our favorite spots. I REALLY NEED THESE DAYS OFF.

Now, I wasn't going to go back on the soap box about Extreme Couponing on TLC, but I really have to. OH MY GOSH. First, I have to say a thing or two...maybe three...about the twin "Saving Divas". Where to start? I totally get all the free stuff they signed up for and get for their birthday. I do the same thing, most restaurants have something free for a birthday. Like I said, I totally get that. HOWEVER...the shopping trip. The one sister gathered all the product from the shelf, made a comment that she was taking it all then looked at the camera and said she didn't care what anyone thought. Of course, diapers were in the basket of products. Why do I mention this? The start of the show when she is showing off the stockpile, there were over 4,000 diapers. The narrator comments that comes out to enough diapers to supply a baby for a year and a half. HELLO, one they were all the same size. TWO...she has no children. But says she might some day. INSANE. The other person on the show was second visit from the guy who bought all the deodorants in the first show. He was showing off the special room he built for his stockpile of over 1,000 tubes of toothpaste. GIVE ME A BREAK. If you plan on using it why build it a shrine? Can one human actually use over 1,000 tubes of toothpaste in a life time? You know he is going to buy more when he gets more coupons. As I suspected, this second episode only strengthens my belief that these people are just organized hoarders, but hoarders. I really can't see this show making long either, at least I hope not.

Okay, enough whining for the night. Thanks for dropping by.

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