Saturday, April 30, 2011

OH MY It Has Been A While!

My goodness it has been a while since I last posted. How terrible of me. I am really in the middle of so many things, too many to really take time and talk about, but I am going to post about a few things.

I am having fish issues. I have a silver molly (I think that is what it is) that suddenly swelled up while we were on vacation. Was sure it was pregnant, went and bought an isolation box that goes in to the tank so that when it has the babies (called a fry...which I find very amusing) it won't be able to eat them. We are going on three weeks now, still looks like a balloon about to pop, and often I find the fish laying on it's side or belly up. Just when I think the thing is dead it starts swimming around again. Some time this week, I will be cleaning my tanks and moving some fish from the big one to the smaller one. The larger tank has about a dozen brand new red platy babies. They are too small to safely net and move, plus, have a fish I am not sure would be nice to them. I need to conquer the vacuum, other wise will have to some how talk hubby in to doing it for me. It really is a simple thing, but the trick is to get the suction action to work with the water level. Maybe YouTube will be useful.

Speaking of YouTube, isn't that place great? I have found all kinds of helpful information on there. Just today, did a search and found a video on how to clean a beef tongue. Bless the people that have nothing better to do than to make a video of them self doing these kinds of things, but I could never do it. This tongue project is just plain grossing me out, but if hubby likes it then it will all be worth it. Our town, well this region, has a unique type of food called Basque. It is passed down from the sheep herders of long ago. There is French Basque and Spanish Basque which each has it's subtle spice differences, but for the most part is the same. The restaurants serve you family style as was the tradition of the old days. The women would cook the food and take it to the herders, which ate in shifts so that the sheep were never left alone. It is very pricey to go to one of these local restaurants, but so very good. Served in 5 to 6 courses, the Hors D'oeuvres brought out are pickled beef tongue and tomato salad. My husband and sons love the tongue, all of us love the tomato which is marinated. I was looking through an old copy of my church's cookbook and found many of the recipes from one of the local restaurants called Wool Growers. Click on it to see more about the restaurant or history of the food. The tongue and tomato salad are the first two I am trying. The soup recipe is in there too and am possibly going to try it tomorrow to go with them.

OH MY, have a show about the real pirates of the Caribbean going. This guy just loaded a cannon with silver ware to see if it is a myth. When he fired the cannon, the boards set up to be the target was loaded with embedded silver ware and impressions of some that hit hard enough to leave indention, but not stick. I have to laugh though, what he is calling a knife is actually butter server. You know, put in to the tub or stick of butter to serve during a meal. Kind of looks like a short skinny spatula.

Now am back to cooking shows. I watch way too many of them. Have seen contestant on some of these shows use plantains, so I bought some, HAVE NO IDEA what to do with them. Thank you internet. Did find some on the Food Network which were interesting enough to print out and try. Although, I should do a little more research on an item before I just buy it. The people working the meat department told me that Basa fish was in the cod family, cooked like cod, tasted less fishy like cod. Guess what? Did a little Googling for recipes and found out quick that it is actually in the catfish family. I do not like catfish at all, but thankfully the family does. Along the lines of food, have been working on some new menu plans and coupons, more like the organization of all of it. My desk is over flowing with print outs of recipes, calendar pages, coupons, magazine pages I tore out, receipts for the price book I am working on. You get the idea. I couldn't even sew a stitch or glue a card if needed to.

Speaking of card making. I got so behind last month on my swaps that I wondered if I would get them all out. Still have not taken time to scan all the great cards I received, need to work on that this week as well. I did. But vowed to take the month of May off and may even take off through the summer to get a bit caught up. I would really like to do some quilting, need to make a couple of quilts for my new grandsons. One is already 9 months old and the other one will be here in August. The oldest grand son is almost 8 but he got his quilt back when he was born. Although, I have not seen it since, so not sure he even still has it.

Oh, and my camera is dead. I have been unable to find my battery charger, which is a special charger for the odd type battery it takes. I have no been able to find the batteries that I bought before that would work, just not rechargeable. It is frustrating. Apparently my Kodak camera has been discontinued and am no longer able to buy the batteries, charger, or USB cord. It is almost to the point to where it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a new camera. And I really need my camera. I took some photos during spring break, need to download them so I can post them.

I threw out the hints, just hope they stuck. Told my daughter that for Mother's Day I wanted the family to eat together at home, just wanted them to pick up a bucket of KFC and then we could fix some sides here. Also told her that I don't want flowers, they can get me some herb plants to grow in pots around the house, some plants for my hanging baskets as well.

I have had a nice little break here, so need to get back to work. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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