Sunday, May 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I first have to say that I am so relived, happy, thrilled, to hear the news that Bin Laden is dead. I don't know if it will really make any difference with the unrest that is going on, but if feels like a just closure for Sept. 11 and the devastation that was caused to so many innocent families as a result of that attack.

It has been a really long time since I have posted a menu plan. Too long. I will keep this short since I am trying to finish up a few things and actually get to bed at a decent time for a change. I have a to do list a mile long this week.

Menu Plan:

Mon. - Chicken Enchiladas
Tue. - Tater Casserole
Wed. - Chicken Parmesan
Thu. - Tamale Pie
Fri. - Green Chile Bake
Sat. - Smothered Steak
Sun. - Mother's Day - hoping to not cook.

For more great menu ideas check out what others have posted as part of Meal Plan Monday at Organized Junkie which is a great site for all kinds of inspiration.

If I can get my camera going, will have some photos of the dishes. Will post some recipes over the week as well. I haven't quite gotten all the sides decided either, but will have it worked out before long. Am also hoping to post the cost of the meals as I work it out. Am building a price book based off of receipts so should be able to make some accurate accounting of the meals.


  1. A price book would be awesome. I always have wanted to do that, but never have. I'd love to see these recipes too! Always on the lookout for YUMMY and REAL recipes!

  2. Can you share the recipe for the Green Chili bake? That sounds good!