Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 5/23

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My grandson is 8 today, May 23. I was fortunate actually blessed to be there when he was born. He and his brother live in Texas and I only get to see them once a year so I treasure every minute I am able to spend with them. They came at Christmas and I am praying that it works out for them to spend a few days with us this summer.

Now, for my Meal Plan Monday posting for the week.

Mon: Pinto Beans, cornbread, company fruit salad

Tue: Spanish rolls, broccoli, yellow squash

Wed: Bangers & mash, green bean casserole, simple apple dumpling

Thu: Chicken Marsala, fettuccine, salad

Fri: Baked pork chops, oven fried potatoes, fried okra

Sat: Talapia, coleslaw, baked beans

Sun: Surprise

For even more inspiration check out the MPM postings on I'm An Organizing Junkie.

I know, this sounds a lot like last Monday's weekly menu. As I posted earlier, last week wasn't followed much except for a couple of days. So, since I know I have all the ingredients on hand I am just moving it all to this week. A few of the recipes are new, and I will post the recipes as I make them if they are a success. As a matter of fact, I just about have the whole month planned, should have it all completed by tomorrow. I need to clean out my freezers, more to see what I have in there in the way of meat than anything else. I am low on beef I know, but am really hopping that some good sales happen this next week.

My mom is not happy that she has to spend another night in the hospital, and of course I am supposed to magically fix it or I am not doing anything to help or take care of her. Some one PLEASE tell me what I can do about it. I am not a doctor or a nurse, cannot monitor her 24 hours a day to make sure everything stays the way it should. She would rather go home than admit there is a problem, does not want to face it. It is tearing me apart to know that I can't fix things for her. Why am I so inadequate, so unwanted? I know that is a bit dramatic, but it is just how I feel at the moment...okay for several moments lately.

My little planter garden is coming along. I had plans for planting more tomorrow, but have no idea how my day is going to play out with the hospital situation. I want to plant some blackberry plants and maybe one big tomato plant. I also still really want that fuchsia plant I saw. Of course it probably isn't even there any more. I will live, will make it through all this kind of weirdness that I find myself in the middle of. After all, it happens quite often. On the bright side, tomorrow I will have the first harvest of my herbs. I cannot believe how they have taken off. Some how I have got to get to the store to buy some more potting soil so I can get my strawberries and flowers planted in their planters.

Thank you for stopping by and come again soon.

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  1. The name bangers and mash always makes me laugh for some reason!