Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Okay, I know it is not a huge accomplishment, but I am so doing the happy dance.  Did my weekly weigh in, total of 12 pounds lost this month.  I feel like I may have finally broke through this plateau I have been stuck on for several months.  I had hoped to loose ten pounds total when I started the 12 week program.  Still have three more weeks and have reached that goal.  FOR ME, that is a equivalent to major break through accomplishment.  I knew my jeans were getting pretty loose, but figured it was because they needed washed. LOL  However, I pulled out my favorite pair of jeans, which I have been able to wear for a few months, and slipped them on and zipped them up.  I zipped them up standing up!  Yes that is correct, no laying on the bed, sucking the gut in while I strained to close the zipper.  AND...I actually still have a little slack in the waist.

I got to change my ticker and am so motivated to keep choosing better food choices and more determined to make the time to get in to the gym.  Have not even been this week because of taking care of my mom, but today is the last doctor visit and will now be able to get back to my own routine now that she is back at her home and doing well.

My menu plans have not gone as planned this week, but I just skipped a day, family ate left overs of which there were plenty.  I should be able to get back on track this evening.  I still have to buy groceries, but will probably do that tomorrow.  I was waiting for the sales to change out.  WOW, am so disappointed that no one has any good meat sales, cannot find any beef for less than $2.50 a pound.  The cheapest I can find ground beef (at least that isn't full of fillers) is $2.48 a pound.  I was hoping to catch some roast on sale cheap and just cut them up, but will have to keep watching.  I really figured that with Memorial Day coming up this week end there would be some sales.  Only sales are on wieners, guess I will be buying those up. I was surprised that there aren't even any great sales on chickens at the major stores.  Some of the store chains that cater to the Hispanic population have some legs and thighs on for a pretty good price, will see if I can take the sale circular in and get a price match, if not then I will just wait.  The store is in a really bad part of town and as bad as this sounds, I am very uncomfortable there.  Thankfully though, I have a pretty good stockpile of chicken though and it really is about time for Albertson's to have their chicken sale.  Another great thing, I just about have a whole month of menus planned and have all the meat, fish, pork and chicken I need for those menus in the freezer.

This week ends plan is to do a big cooking and prep session.  I really think we may go camping, so am not really planning to hard.  However, it being Memorial Day weekend, hubby won't want to fight the crowds in the camp grounds so we might just get a little work done around here.  Still have some plants to re-pot and and want to work on planting some shrubs and flowers in the front.

Well, I need to run so I can take mom to doctor.  Thanks for stopping in and feel free to look over the past postings and to leave a comment.  It is always fun to know who has been visiting.

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  1. Congratulations! That's a very good weight loss in just one month. You go girl!!!!!!