Monday, May 16, 2011

I Need A Class

I am so confused about, I really need a class. Here are some issues.

1. Links to other sites are not showing up in a contrasting color, even when I change the color of the text.

2. Color changes in the text do not make it to the posting, even though they show up in the draft or when I am saving the post I am writing.

3. Font changes do not change as well.

I see so many blogs that have indexes or tabs for various subjects and think how cool would that be. Of course none of the blogs that I really admire are on so I guess that should tell me something. I tried word press, didn't really care for that set up either. I don't know enough to make my own blog spot, don't know how to even start. I guess when I have a little spare time I must do some research on that, but don't really know enough terminology to even know how to start looking for the info I need. Do they have any free classes on the internet for blogging? Surely they do. Does You Tube? They must. Let me know if you know of any sites for this type of information.

Am off to work out, take mom to store (that alone will take up most of my day) then back home to do some more cleaning, purging, take out trash, empty dishwasher, start laundry then make supper. Oh my, I am still so tired from last week that just thinking about what needs to be done makes me tired all over again.


  1. I think it IS working! Maybe if you're logged into your own website you don't see what others see. The links don't change color but they do show up as underlined when I cursor over them, which indicates a link.

    I did see change in color. For example in the previous post, the item for Tuesday appears in red.

    Not sure about font changes. I see several different fonts, so ????

    It may be the editor you use. I use Microsoft LiveWriter. It's free and very easy. Much better than the blogger editor.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I use Live Writer too Jane, and I concur it's a much better editor. Although, I don't know why simple font changes wouldn't work in Blogger's native editor. I frequently make font changes in Blogger after posting with Live Writer.

    In any case Dianna if you google "how can I xyz in blogspot?", the results will return a few sites out there that help you with your blog design. Try these: The Blog Doctor and Blogger Buster You can try searching for what you want directly on these sites. You can also try the blogger help forum. There are bound to be other people looking for the same thing you are in there.

    I hope that helps you out Dianna.