Saturday, July 30, 2011

WOW, Things have been crazy.

So many things have been going on in life, I am so totally behind on all the little details.

Okay, so first of all.
Grand son #3, born 3 weeks early has made amazing progress and has come home from NICU a full month earlier than anticipated.  He now weighs 4 lbs. 11.5 oz and is 18.5 inches.  I just measured, he is a little longer than a cabbage patch doll, but much smaller around. LOL
I just love this photo, my favorite way to hold a baby.  All snuggled up next to my neck.  He just doesn't look real in this photo, but he is a keeper.

The last few weeks have just been crazy around here.  Between the baby coming home, my mom in and out of hospital and in and out of doctors to try and regulate her medications, add to that my own trips to doctors and lab work for the surgery I had this past Friday, there has just been a fair amount of chaos.
This is post surgery, before the bruising has all set in.  We are having to give our dogs some medicine and I was helping hubby, picked up one of them and now I am bleeding again. Oh well, not much and after all that is part of life I suppose.

I am hoping that this will wind down the chaos now.  Starting in August I hope to get back on track with household chores, menu planning, and able to do some sewing.  I need to make daughter J some clothes for school.  Wow, school starts back in three weeks, where did the summer go.  I also plan to do some sewing for little grand baby M since it is just impossible to find much in the preemie size.  I cooked breakfast this morning.  My newest thing is poached eggs.  I just love them.  I did cook them in the hot water, but I am determined to find a poaching pan like my mom had.  I like the whites a little more set than I am able to do with hot water method.  In my trial and error attempts this morning, I have learned to do the egg drop soup type and that is the technique used to make this really awesome chicken soup that I searched out a recipe on after having it at the restaurant my son works at.  Of course, there a few more changes that may be taking place as well, my last blood work showed that I may now be diabetic and my doctor may have me make so harsh changes around here.  Oh I can make them, if I have to, but I just won't like it much.  I also know that after a month out of the gym, getting back in to some type of work out routine will go a long ways to helping with that problem.  However, if I change my diet, the whole family is changing theirs too.  At one time, I swore I wouldn't change things for them, but there is not one person in this house that would not benefit from a change in diet.  Also, it is not fair to me to have to look at all the junk they like, cook the foods they like, and know that I cannot eat it. I feel it only fair that I only have to prepare one meal.  Hubby can have his treats at lunch, he eats out every day that he works.  Miss J doesn't make the best of choices during her lunches at school either so in a way it is my job as mom to make sure that have at least one healthy meal a day at home.

Okay, that is about all I can handle for now.  The swelling is causing my eyes to be a little blurry and it is just too hard to concentrate long enough on the written words. LOL

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  1. Hope the eyes are beginning to settle down now. You're very brave to have the surgery. Are you ready yet to show some 'after' pix???