Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have been so darn lazy since the camping trip.  Guess maybe I relaxed a little too much.  Also think I came home with a bit of a cold.  The second night I took a weird chill and just could not get warm.  It was not that cold there, as I was the only one cold.  At any rate, the nose has been alternating between stopped up honking to running like the great falls.  Still is and it drives me crazy.  Because of a little heart problem, I cannot take a decongestant.  What ever it is that has attacked me has left me with a huge case of the blahs and absolutely no energy.  I need to find the energy some how though.

Daughter J is healing up some what.  I am still concerned at the swelling.
This is what she came home with.  I posted about her little mishap earlier.  We go back to the doctor today and I will take another photo of the new bruising and swelling.  The coloration has now gone along the side of the foot and up the the ankle but was assured that there are no breaks.  I am anxious to see what the doctor says about her wound though, want to confirm the it is actually healing as well as I think it is.

Speaking of photos, I wish I could figure out what I am doing to keep getting a dark shadow in the bottom corner.  It shows up no matter where I position myself.  I have tried to get behind the light source, beside the light source, tried lining up the shot and then moving my head and body to the side, nothing really works.

I was sure that my little container garden had died and was a total loss.  Everything was so wilted and limp, so dry.  I had watered heavily on Friday afternoon just before we headed out, we were back on Sunday and it was just dry as a bone.  I went a head and watered everything to see what might possibly be saved.  I watered again on Monday.  Tuesday, I was completely surprised to find that almost all of the plants had come back.  Was like a little kid on Christmas when I spotted tomatoes actually growing. The lettuce is a total loss, it just isn't going to revive, but everything else came back nicely.  Just wish I didn't have to water every day.  Told my husband we have a mini (emphasis on mini) farm.  I have tomatoes, strawberries and herbs growing.  Found a third set of fry (name for baby fish) in my aquarium.  Really do need to clean out the smaller tank and transfer some of the adults over.  And to top it all off, it would appear that our dog is in the family way. 

I have been dreaming lately.  I would dearly love to have a house on a large enough lot to have a real garden, some chickens and maybe a dwarf goat.  Room to raise out a calf or two and hog for butcher.  When I was growing up, our house sat on about 5 acres of land.  An alley ran through it, the house was on the front part, the back part held a small orchard, grapes, berries and small corral.  We always had a big garden.  Dad would let me put up signs and sell the excess each summer.  What I wouldn't give to have that place back.  The house we left in Texas was on an acre.  The first couple of years we had a huge garden, then we ran in to water problems and reduced it down a bit.  We always had tomatoes (hubby loves to grow them for some reason), yellow squash, peppers, cantaloupe and watermelon.  I had even planted some grape vines, but a neighbor's dog came visiting and felt the need to dig the sticks up.  The last two years we lived there, we didn't even have enough water to keep the grass up, much less a garden.  In fact it had gotten so bad with the water that if I was running a load of laundry we couldn't flush the toilet.  Barely had water to shower properly. If some one used the toilet, had to wait for it to stop running before we could wash the dishes or our hands.  A water district had been formed to save the area and we had just bought in to it when hubby was transferred.

At any rate, if we are ever financially able to do so (like if we win the lottery) I will be moving us to better place.  I know that we will never be able to afford (even if it could be found) a place that we could be totally self-sufficient, but I will find a place that I can plant a garden and some fruit trees.  

Life would be a bit sad if a person couldn't at least have their dreams.  Don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by.  This evening we are making ice cream.  Stop back in and see how it goes.  Haven't done this in about 15 years or so.

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