Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Wrong!

I just have to vent a minute.  I used to belong to a Yahoo group that was cooking related.  More specific, related to a certain technique, Pressure Cooking.  This is not a canning group, they were about cooking meals using the pressure cooker to cook the meat or sides.  They were a very helpful and friendly group until I posted my view about a line of discussion generated by a posting celebrating New York making it legal for same sex marriages.

I offered my opinion which simply stated, I wondered if I could still be a part of group that was so joyful over something that I felt was not a reason to celebrate.  I was not mean in my posting, didn't bash any one for their lifestyle, was not judging anyone, just following my convictions of associating with like minded people.  My computer is still smoking from the flames I got.

Now, my Christian faith tells me that a same sex lifestyle is wrong in the eyes of our Lord.  However, while I would not go out and embrace that type of thing, I would be the last one to sit and tell them over and over how wrong it is.  I think deep down they know it.  I compare homosexuality to being a drunk or addict.  They know it is wrong, know that they are not living the way they should, yet they still put their self in to the activities that allow them to enjoy that life.  They continue in those relationships, continue to take the next drink, get the next high.

I will not get on my soap box about how this legislation is opening the doors for much worse things to come.  I will ramble on about how the only reason it passed is because the supporters for this legislation bullied the lawmakers in to a vote when several members were absent.  I will not expand on the fact that only republican votes were by former democrats that changed their party line to gain more votes.  I won't even mention the little tid bit of information about how New York is the only state that does not allow the general public the opportunity to vote on legislation in general ballots which in essence would have allowed the residents of the state, the very people these politicians claim to represent, to have a voice in the running of their state.

I will however post that even though I had posted to the group that I was considering leaving, I was during the night removed from the group.  I guess if you have a view point or belief, you are not allowed to defend it.  If it doesn't go along with the majority, you just get thrown out.  In my opinion it only goes to show that those that preach tolerance from everyone, cannot give a little from them self.

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  1. There's an old saying, "If one does not STAND for something, he/she will FALL for anything." Nothing wrong with expressing your view and there's everything wrong with being censured for it! Evidently it's okay to be liberal and say "everyone has a right to be different", just so long as the "different" is the way they want it to be. Grrr....

    You probably have more people than not, who agree with you. I'm tired of being told I'm intolerant when I simply differ in opinion.