Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday - Anniversary

So, today is my wedding anniversary.
My mom and I made these matching dresses.  My oldest daughter C was just 14 months at the time.  Yes, the math is correct.  Any who, C's little dress was worn to the wedding, it is the same fabric as the flower girl and candle lighters.  They were my nieces and hubby's little sister.  Over estimated the amount of fabric needed, so we made my going away dress out of the same fabric.  OH MY GOSH I was so thin back then.

Now, 28 years later, here we are, still together, added two boys and another girl.

This week has been crazy.  Getting ready for our wonderful visitors, daughter C and the grand sons, to arrive tomorrow for a few days.  Flying in from Texas.  I am so ready to see them.  Have also spent the week going to various doctors.  Daughter J. had to go again to get a release to resume volleyball try outs.  Took mom for a check up at the cardiologist.  I went to an eye doctor to see if there is something that can be done about my drooping eye lids.  Not that I care much for appearance sake, they have started falling in to my line of vision a bit.  At any rate, the amount of limp tissue is considered a medical reason for surgery, not a cosmetic one.  So, insurance will pay for it, but on the flip side of that, I have to be seen by a surgeon and he will determine it to be needed or not.  In other words, another doctor visit.  Next week will be even crazier.  I am not even going to attempt to plan any meals until after they go home.  Just don't know what day we will be doing what. As far as I know the only plan is drive down to San Diego and go to the zoo, one one day and maybe spend the night and hit the beach.  Not sure, don't know what day, but hubby is thinking about it.  Yes, thinking about it.

I did a ton of cleaning in my kitchen today.  Cleaned out the fridge and freezer.  Got rid of expired food, spoiled food, all left overs as well.  Need to buy some groceries, but will do that on an as needed basis this week.  Sure is a different kind of shopping.  Bought a car seat for the youngest grand son, he will be one next month.  Will take C. to store after we get back from airport to buy diapers and baby food.  Have to say, it is really strange to be doing that kind of buying again.  I will say, after cleaning and organizing the fridge and freezer, at least the smaller one (side by side fridge/freezer) that I have found room that I didn't have before and quite a bit of meat that I thought I had used up already.  In the freezer over the fridge in the garage I found some more meat that I had forgotten about.  I need to clean out the upright freezer, and defrost it, which is busting at the seams with food as well. far as that goes I am sitting pretty good at the moment. I reckon that the freezer has gone this long in a frosty shambles, it won't hurt it to go another week or so until the kids leave.  Also, when they are gone I will be cleaning out my pantry and hoping to make a bit more room there as well.  Shouldn't be too difficult, I usually to manage to make empty space when I clean out and re-organize the canned goods and staples a bit.  I am shifting my cooking to less processed and more from scratch so I really have used a lot of the goods, just can't find them for all the plunder that has been thrown in there from various camping trips.  You know, like bags and bags of chips.  My bottom half which is cake mixes, cereals, pastas and such is the worst organized.  I am sure that the majority of the crackers are stale or moth infested.  At any rate, I need to clean it all out and plan to make an inventory of what I have so I will know what I need to buy.  Don't even know how much flour I have any more.  Bad, bad, state I have let it get in to.  As I said, after the kids are gone.  I only get to see them once a year, twice if I am lucky, so I am going to spend every minute with them I can.

I need to get going and get some more laundry going.  Stop back in some time, although I will probably not be on here much until the second week of July.  Feel free to leave a comment.

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