Sunday, June 19, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 6/20 - Rude Neighbors

Don't get me wrong, I like a party as much as the next guy.  That being said, my neighbors and their parties are the rudest people there are.  They have in the past kept the music, yelling, fighting, throwing glass and such going until 3 or 4 in the morning.  A couple of times it went straight through the morning not ending until around 5 in the morning.  Understand there is literally about 5 feet between where they sit around cranking it up and our bedrooms.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they would do this on a Friday night, but no...week nights when we have to get up to work.  Only two of the 8 adults living there actually have jobs.  I know I am being kind of hard nosed about the noise, but I would prefer to be able to hear my TV, my music, or sleep.  We all get up about 5 AM to start our days around here as well.  While I have enjoyed the weeks off from the party circuit, tonight is the worse yet.  They have a live band, with sound system cranked up.  The more they drink, the louder they get, they weren't on key to begin with, as the night progresses it just gets worse.  The guy cannot sing, the tuba player is choppy and the accordion player sounds like his instrument has been run over.  Sadly, there is absolutely no where I can go in the house to get away from the sound.

Menu planning around here is going to be kind of half hearted for the next two weeks.  This week is going to be a lot of cleaning  and high temps so I am doing some soups and salads.  Quick, easy and especially cheap (as in what is already on hand).  The following week, oldest daughter and the two grand sons are coming for a visit so have absolutely no idea what we will be doing what days.

That in mind, here is what my week looks like at the moment:
M. - Minestrone Soup and bread
T. - Chicken salad
W. - Baked talapia, salad, carrots
Th. - Pizza - home made
F. - CORN (cleaning out refrigerator night)
S. - Everyone on their own
Su. - Daughter arrives - probably burgers

For added inspiration, head over to Organized Junkie for her Meal Plan Monday post.  Hundreds of cooks link their blogs each Monday listing their own meal plan for the week and some are wonderful about sharing their recipes as well.

Momma dog Lexy and puppies #1 - #4 are doing well.  We numbered them, not naming them.  We are not keeping any of them.  No matter what daughter J wants.  I admit they are cute, but what puppy isn't.  I wish she could have waited about two more weeks though, until the grand sons were gone.  Lexy has decided that her little brood needs to be inside the house, which is fine until the grand sons come.  It will not work with them running about.  It was kind of cute though, J. went and stretched out by the dog bed and Lexy pushed on her puppies over next to J.'s arm.  It was really sweet to realize the trust this dog has in our family.

Tonight was kind of nice, our oldest son and his wife dropped by to eat and spend a few minutes with hubby for Father's Day.  I made all the sides (mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cold slaw, baked beans) and then picked up the special $10 Sunday bucket for the meat, along with some biscuits.  Guess that is enough for tonight, need to go take some aspirin.  OH THIS MUSIC IS MADDENING!

Oh, and as an explanation of why I am writing this at night but posting of a morning.  I write my blog post for the MPM on Sunday nights, save it, then post it on Monday morning.  It saves time for me and I like trying to get high in the listings for all the blog links.

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  1. Easy is a good thing sometimes. Sounds like a great plan. I'm over from MPM and I'm following.