Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am so tired.

I am so tired. For some reason I woke up this morning at around 3 am. and could not go back to sleep. I went ahead and got up and did a few things on the computer, that helped make me sleepy enough to go back to bed and fall asleep for a little longer. On the positive side of all of this, I am getting a good deal accomplished that normally would not happen.

Speaking of accomplishments, my whole list of chores for today never even attempted to hit the real world. Instead, I took my list to the grocery store. I spent almost twice what I had planned to, so instead of worrying over it I have just decided to see if I can make it all last the whole month. I will rework my future menu plans to consider what is already in my pantry and freezer. I have challenged my self to cut the spending for the family budget in the areas that I can control.

After getting J. off to school and laundry moved around, I dressed and with list in hand headed to the grocery store. Came home, put it all away, then ate, then made another trip to a different store for the items on my list for that store, got it all put away, then made supper, ate it, and cleaned the kitchen all up.

Second day in a row to ditch the menu plan, but it works out in the end. Tonight I made pan seared coconut crusted tilapia, cheese tortellini and spinach salad. Sounds fancy, I watched a You Tube video to learn how to pan sear, but whole thing was cooked with in thirty minutes or so. It all tasted well, just enough of the sides left over to throw together tomorrow to make a tortellini salad for my lunch. I posted this photo to my Facebook and hubby saw it and called to see how come I don't cook like that for him. I just laughed and reminded him that one, he doesn't like fish and two, he doesn't like pasta. He is skiing with son G. who is in also in charge of the meals. They had sloppy joe for supper. Hubby also complimented by telling me my plate looked like something he would get at a restaurant, then son G. in the background stated I am spending too much time watching cooking shows. Hubby told me to keep watching. In all seriousness, I must admit that I do cook a little better now that I am not working and have time to actually cook a meal. I really need to work more on getting all the dishes ready at the same time.

I have had enough of being tired and cold, so going to go take a shower and try to warm up a little before doing a little more wandering around the world of blogs.

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