Sunday, January 9, 2011

WOW! A week of this year is gone.

Goodness, a week of 2011 has already gone by, 51 more to go. Guess that is assuredly one of those "how you see it" things. Like a glass is half full or half empty. The majority of the time I tend to be a half empty type of person. Probably due to being raised by the unofficial queen of guilt and doom. I truly believe my mom just can't be happy unless she has either piled on the guilt to the point of making a person throw up their arms in surrender or unless she has at least one major point of life or situation to worry about.

For example, she worried no one would want her house, then she worried it wouldn't sell quick enough, then worried it wouldn't sell for high enough price, now it is all over and done and she is worried she will live longer than she has money to live on. I just give up with trying to figure it out. Realize that this is the same person that in one sentence tells me how proud she is of me, how talented I am, what a good mother I am. five sentences later is telling me I am a disappointment on a number of levels. You think I would just get used to it and get over it. But no. Why you ask? Because just know she tells me that she knows I have a lot of work to do around the house because she I have been having to help take care of the house contracts and such for her...hopes that now things are over we can settle down a bit and just relax or that I can get things done around the house that I need to...oh by the way, when are you coming over again?

Such is my life.

Hubby and son G. are embarking on their big ski week in the morning. They are taking our RV and staying in it. Hubby said he would pay for the campground and gas along with his lift ticket and that G. pays for his lift ticket and buys the food. He planned out the week, bought the groceries and brought them over here to load in to the trailer. He is quite a cook in all honesty, am impressed with his skills. Hanging out with the chefs on his breaks has paid off. He bought enough food to feed an army. There is no danger of starvation on that trip.

Speaking of food, it is once again time to post my weekly menu. Last week did not go as planned, mainly since I was playing around with a new gadget a few nights. But, that works out in the end as well. Yesterday I brought home my new Kitchenade mixer. I can't wait to try this puppy out and such an ordeal to get it. But today has been full of ordeals and I am still here, so those are stories for another time. I still am ticked off with AT&T at this point, but will have my revenge in the end. I already have it figured out.

Okay, here is the menu I will be posting on MPM over at The Organizing Junkie. There was 471 fellow bloggers that posted their meal plans for the week along with some recipes last Monday. I am always excited to see who all is cooking what. A HUGE INSPIRATION, so here we go.

Mon - Tamales and beans (Schwan delivery tomorrow and they are in the order)
Tues - Chicken Asian Salad
Wed - Subway (busy night with J helping at Awanas and me to a scrapbook class)
Thu - Chef Salad
Fri - Sloppy Joe's, chips
Sat - Crop & Bunco - so will find what ever in fridge
Sun - Chicken & dumplings

I am cooking very simple this week as it will only be J. and I, and the only for supper as she eats lunch at school. Also, both daughter J. and I are trying to change our eating habits to healthier ones and she asked me to make some salads. Walmart has heads of lettuce for .25 each and avocados for .25 each, another store is having a sale on grape tomatoes and bulk mushrooms so it will be pretty cheap eating as well.

Tonight I made oven baked bbq chicken, seasoned potatoes with onions and the best strawberry salad I have had at home. It is a new salad kit that contains baby spinach, dried strawberries, almonds, and strawberry vinaigrette. I am getting to where I kind of like the baby spinach. Have half of the spinach left over and will use it for the Asian chicken salad tomorrow, okay actually it will be Asian Turkey Salad as I am using left over turkey from Christmas. I put up meal size bags in the freezer to use for any recipe that calls for cooked chicken. As you can see, I cook with a lot of foil. My metal baking pans are discolored and while still perfectly functional I just can't stand the thought of my food on what looks like rust spots. Besides, makes cleaning up a breeze and since I have taken over doing ALL the dishes ALL the time I am going to make it as easy on myself as possible. Guess some would call my...reasoning...with the dishes a bit OCD, but honestly I just decided that if I am the only one doing the cleaning and putting away of the dishes then I am the only one to blame if they are put up still dirty or put away in the wrong places.

I have a lot planned for this week and if I get even a tenth of it accomplished it will a positive in my book. Thanks for dropping in, come back and visit any time.

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