Monday, January 10, 2011

Organize for blessings.

OH MAN, WHAT BLESSINGS, thank you dear Lord.

I am cleaning out my freezers, which was on my to-do list but wanted to do it while hubby was gone, and defrosting the deep freeze. Here is how it goes. I have a medium size upright freezer that holds the bulk of my hoarding, I mean stock pile, which sits in the garage. Also in the garage we have a small fridge with a freezer on top. This was essential to take advantage of California's stupid way of pricing milk. If you buy two of the same kind of milk, you get the second one for like a dollar. When the boys were home, I would go through about 8 gallons a week so we would buy 6 gallons at a time, putting one in the house fridge and the others in the extra fridge. Now we are down to about 3 gallons a week with only daughter J. at home with us. Now it holds a lot of beer and a little extra produce. I am hoping to use it less for actual food as I always forget what I have out there and it goes bad. WE WASTE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF FOOD. It is just shameful and I have vowed to make changing that a top priority. Any way, then we have the side by side in the kitchen. Not the largest one they make, but the largest that will fit in the wall space. If you are keeping up, that equates to 5 laundry baskets of food items to go through (making a list of what I have as I go along to make it easier to keep up with what I have on hand) and the Schwan man is making a very small delivery today. I didn't order much this time as I wanted to see just exactly what I do have on hand. I will be writing about my little experience today as I take breaks from sorting and waiting for the freezer to defrost. I would use a heat gun, but there is just something about standing that close to water with something electrical in hand.

By the way, if you would please say a prayer for my sweet daughter in law, she is 8-10 weeks pregnant and on bed rest. The doctor thinks her body is trying to miscarry. This is there first child and they have been so excited.

Off to work a little more.

My hands are numb, but the job is done. To my utter amazement, the only meat I really need to buy is ground beef and pork chops. My grocery list is really shrinking. YEAH! Now, to load it all back in, get a bite to eat and warm up, take a pair of shoes to my daughter, then the pantry is next.

Didn't have to take the shoes, school called and daughter is ill so just picked her up. Drove to Grocery Outlet to see about some dog beds they advertised on sale. Naturally they were out and no rain checks. My poor little mutt Tater Pup (the old man himself) is trying to squeeze himself on to a dog coat that was left laying on the patio. The cement is so cold, the weather is pretty cold, well extremely cold for this area. My mom had an old blanket that finally fell apart (well the nap fell off in places) and she had given it to me for the dogs to sleep on. I cut it in to four pieces and put it on the patio. Dumb me was thinking one piece for each dog. NO WAY! Tater has taken all of it over, growling at anyone that comes close. Oh well, he deserves it.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening cleaning out the pantry. I always hate that job because it really irritates me and saddens me when I look at all the food I am having to throw away. A lot of money in the trash. I just can't seem to get rid of those pesky tiny brown moths, which lay eggs, that hatch into little maggot looking larvae, capable of drilling a hole in to most any type of package and eating it up while leaving a huge sticky web like cocoon to live in while it turns in to a tiny brown moth, that lays eggs and it starts all over again. The job is complete at any rate and I am totally worn out. The great thing is now I know what I have, and more important don't have, to work with so can now get my list updated and go buy some groceries. I have been buying a day or two worth of groceries at a time and it has been killing me. I hate going to the store, don't really much care for shopping unless it is for craft supplies, so I do a big bulk trip twice a month. Now I am ready to shop knowing that I have 5 packages of icing and no cake mixes. I know I could make my own cake with out a store bought mix, but I don't mind paying for that convenience at all. It really is amazing how something so full it was keeping the cabinet doors from closing completely can be cleaned, organized and look so empty.

I should have cooked, had it all planned. Schwan man dropped off this morning, thought I had ordered tamales, but didn't. As I mentioned earlier, my daughter in law is on doctor's orders to take it easy and stay in bed as much as she can until they figure out if she is going to miscarry. I am praying that it all comes out with both of them healthy, but must admit am so excited at the prospect of another grand baby to play with. Any way, I decided to take a pizza over to them, so naturally picked one up for Miss J. and I as well. I have been working on the freezer and kitchen since 7 this morning, I deserve it. I will cook tomorrow.

I am dead on my butt, but it is a good kind of tired because it is a result of some positive energy use. Now, tomorrow's plan is to pull the leaves from my dining table and put them up until needed, sweep and mop the floors, put up the laundry in my bedroom, take J. to her skating lesson then go from there. But for now, I am heading off to shower and jump in bed.

Thanks for stopping in and I will let you know how things are going with all my challenges and list of things to do.

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