Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cutting is done.

I finally got done cutting. I have some sewing projects.

This is the pattern I am making first, it is for my mom. Making the shorter version with the quarter sleeve. She wants a comfy dress to wear of an evening to play cards and dominoes. The ladies have some pretty hot games going in the evening there at mom's place. I saw this blue paisley fabric and just fell in love with it. Especially at just under $3.oo a yard. It is a cotton blend so will wash and wear nicely. The gold is going to be the yoke. You can't really tell in this photo, but the outline is this same color gold. I needed a plain fabric for the yoke as I intend to embroider on it to dress it up a bit. Just don't want it to look like a house coat. I looked over some posting to blogs from some people that had already made this. Interesting was how consistent on the view that this pattern was sized generously, or had a lot of ease. After reading those postings, I decided on a size for mom and made no adjustments. This is kind of a practice piece anyway, before I use the fabric she picked.

In fact, I was so taken by the fabric that I bought the whole piece, about 6 1/2 yards. To make mom's dress and to make me a dress, I needed 7 1/3 yards, but since the yoke was out of a different fabric I decided to just go for it and with some careful cutting was able to get my dress out of it as well. There actually is a direction to the print, so used a little more fabric than I would normally so I could get all the pieces going the same way. In fact, I have enough scrap left over to make a doll outfit to start my little online business with. I decided on this pattern for my dress.

I love the look of vintage clothes. The lines are simple and elegant. This is a reprint of a vintage pattern Butterick 6582, so it is in current sizing instead of the sizing used years ago. I don't fit any of the ranges completely, so I just went by the bust and hips figuring that the bust is more fitted than the hips. I lengthened the bodice as I am long waisted and dresses are always hitting me a little short which bugs me, makes me want to keep trying to pull it down. However, in all my pride of remembering to do this, I forgot to add to the waist width. Hopefully it will fit, if not will just have to work a little harder to whittle that waist. I am doing the full skirt version. I even cut out the fabric for the belt, which I did remember to add a few inches to. I will have to head to JoAnn's to get a zipper and see if they still make those belt kits that come with the buckles. If the dress fits well enough to wear, am thinking I may make a red belt and wear red shoes with it.

While I was cutting, I got a little scissor happy and cut out a skirt for Miss J and a bible cover for my new bible. It is a larger bible than my old one so doesn't quite fit. Am using pre-quilted fabric for the cover and no pattern, just making it up. Will see how that goes. I do love the fabric though, will post a photo when I am done with the cover. I am thinking I will go back and get a little more and make a casserole carrier out of it too.

I have posted my plan, have had a sandwich, have laundry moved around, have chicken in the crock pot for supper. Have four projects cut out and am ready to sew. Will see how far I get this evening. Check back and see how it goes.


  1. My, my -- you're so organized! I've really got to start planning meals. It saves both time and money. That vintage pattern is gorgeous. I know what you mean about the waistline. The dress I made recently was supposed to have an elasticized waist but my waist was a good 1.5" lower, and if I'd dropped the waist to put elastic in, the dress would have been even shorter than it already was! Patterns and ready-to-wear both are always never long-waisted enough.

  2. Which view are you going to do? All three are great, but I really like C? The yellow one!
    Good luck!