Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good evening.

Well, it is late at night, but good night always sound like I am heading off to bed. Not quite there yet. LOL

Oh my, I have been having such a busy week. Did some shopping over the week end, bought some new patterns and a dress form. JoAnn's was having a big sale, Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5 with a limit of 10, so took daughter in with me and let her by the extras. LOL I also was so lucky to receive an 80% off scratch off spot on my coupon that was on the mailer. I was so surprised at such a large discount, I used it to by my new dress form. I think it will be a huge help to have since I am now sewing for three people. I just hate trying to stand in front of the mirror to judge if something is fitting or not. Have always wanted a dress form, I remember the one my mom used to have years ago. They are much nicer now, easier to adjust the sizing. They were out of the large, which doubt it would have had my fat waist measurement anyway, but the medium size form's range easily adjusts to my bust and waist, as well as all of daughter's measurements. I figure it will be a little bit of incentive...I plan to put some padding on the waist to increase it out and the goal is to reduce it as I reduce mine. That will be a great day when I can decrease the measurement.

When I went to work full time, it became obvious I would not have time to sew. I threw a private pity party and packed away all my machines and fabric. The bins of fabric have been sitting in the garage for a few years, was sure most of it would need to be thrown away as we have had a rat problem. To my surprise and a few "Thank you God" praises sent up, it was all in great shape. I was even elated to find that I had actually saved so much fabric for garment construction. Was sure I had gotten rid of all of it when I gifted out about 10 big black trash bags of fabric when hubby told me to decrease it or loose all of it. At any rate, I have some beautiful pieces that will be just perfect for some of those vintage patterns (re-releases of retro or vintage patterns but at today's sizes) that I have recently bought. I also have been organizing a bit in the sewing room as I took the time to make a master list of each pattern, the size, and brief description. Am actually contemplating scanning each pattern and saving to disc so I can print out my own little catalog to decide what I want to sew with what fabric with out spending hours hunting through everywhere to find it.

I have made menu plans for the next three weeks, have to tweak them a bit tomorrow, but now have a grocery list and will do that shopping tomorrow. This will be a very busy week for us. School starts tomorrow so will be taking daughter off to her first day of high school, women's bible study starts back up at church, a woman's group gathering later in the week as well. Of course football starts as well too and that means that I become a single parent/football widow/woman on her own until after the playoffs around the end of November. I LOVE this time of year, because my time becomes my own while everyone else is doing their thing. Also, this will be my first fall season not working in a long time and I will be able to just putz around in the sewing room after I get laundry going and the evening meal in the works. It also means that I will have some free time to go back to gym on a regular basis. I hope to drop at least two sizes by my birthday, or next summer for sure. My over all goal is three sizes, which I know will take a while, but I got time. Just need to work my butt off, literally as well as figuratively. Now, if it will just turn to fall temperatures, still in high 90's and expecting it to hit 106 mid week, I will be just happy as little clam.

And...I just had to post this photo.

I just love this photo of my new grand son. It almost looks like he is grinning. I wish I could just hold him again. I am hoping to see them at Christmas, but not looking too good at the moment. Will probably be spring or next summer before I get to see him again, he will be walking and running by then.

Well, I am off to soak my achy bones in some lavender water and then off to bed. Have to get up early in the morning and get a kid moving. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. When I remember the YEARS of fabric I'd accumulated, then had to give to Goodwill when I moved overseas, I just get sick! Boxes and boxes and boxes of it....along with other things. So lucky you for still having some of it.