Monday, August 16, 2010

Tomorrow Is The Day?

Tomorrow is the day I will start on dear daughter 13's new skirt and blouse. She has orientation for high school tomorrow so I plan on dropping her off and coming home and cutting, cutting, and cutting. I laugh a little chuckle, my youngest son (now 20 years old) would say this "cutting, cutting, cutting" as he took the pink plastic sign from my steak at a restaurant and use it like a knife to cut his muffin or roll. The place was known for their blueberry muffins they served while you waited for your food. Sorry, getting a little vintage there.

When I went shopping with daughter, Payless is havin a buy one get one half off, so I got a pair of school shoes for me...well hubby thinks they are school shoes anyway. LOL lovely pair of black high heels, satin finish, very vintage looking. Will look lovely with some of the vintage dresses I am planning on making. And that hat that I am going to buy. Funny thing, the hat I found that is stuck in my mind is definitely of a 30's or 40's vintage, as I mentioned earlier was one I saw on Olivia Walton often.
Okay, after doing a little research, the hat I have fallen in obsessive lust over is more like a replica of a 1920's cloche hat like this one. Except the one I found has brown trim. At any rate, will have to make a dress to go with it that is similar styled. No flapper dress, but am thinking early 40's will work. I also came across a great find in my closet. One of my mom's old hats that I some how ended up with...em, took possession of...a while back. A lovely example of 1950 or so as the style is something you would see on Mad Men (which I am totally hooked on now) and my daughter wore it in a vintage fashion show we took place in. Hmm, I will have to find those photos of her and post them as she looked so cute in those vintage styles. At any rate, when I found it, knew that it would it would go with. One of those Vogue vintage patterns that I just bought and found just the right fabric at Hancock's today to make it up. Well, if it is still there when we get paid again. LOL Along those lines, found a wonderful bright blue mock wrap dress out of polished linen that is so 50's styled I just had to purchase it. Best part, it was over half off.

The idiot neighbors have been their drunken, loud, annoying bunch of loud mouths again and thanks to them and all-night-in-to-the-morning-hours of partying (like 3 AM) I am running on about eight hours of total sleep over the past three nights. Things are pretty quiet over there tonight so I am going to try the pain-free PM medicine that I bought again and see if I can actually get some sleep for a change. Have to actually get up early and have daughter at school in the morning for her thing.

Other than that, have been working on the crocheted green-yellow monster that I am struggling with wanting to just frog it all out. But am so close to finishing, although I have no idea what I will do with it when I am.

To end on a very positive note, I actually won something. Angela over at Sew Loquacious, a blog that I really enjoy following lately, ran a rewind contest. We were suppose to post a project that was from, or showed, the 70's. You can read more about it on her blog if you pop over there. I entered a photo of a granny square afghan I made back in the late 70's and my entry won. I can't wait to get my prizes. A sewing book (which will be great for brushing up on some forgotten skills, maybe never had, while doing all this sewing I have planned) and the coolest macrame (or crocheted) white owl with a large plastic ring to hang a towel or rag off of. I actually had one of these in my bedroom growing up that I made as a 4-H project, it was made of jute and macrame, that I hung all my hair ribbons on. SO COOL to have that memory come up and to actually win something.

Also, I can't believe that after spending most of the day taking mom around that I came home and actually got a two week menu plan knocked out. Even have most of third week done, will finish up fourth week and make up the grocery list tomorrow evening as well. After I finish sewing up daughter's school outfit I plan to set a day aside to cook ahead a few things or at least get some prep work out of the way. I planned a certain kind of food for each week so I don't make too much of the same thing. You know, 5 days in a row of ground beef or chicken. Kind of like the 50's lifestyle when mom planned meatloaf every Tuesday or roast every Sunday. Here is my plan.

Meaty Monday - any kind of beef
Tweety Tuesday - chicken
Weirdo Wednesday - what ever isn't beef or chicken
Too Busy Thursday - crock pot as this is quilting day at church
Freebie Friday - clean out fridge since football has started and everyone will be gone
Slow Saturday - again, since football has started will only be daughter and I so slow and easy
Surprise Sunday - surprise being who actually shows up so will fix big family

There is a group of bloggers that all post their menu plans on Mondays and I am going to join in on that. Here is this week's menu.

Monday - Roast, green beans, mashed potatoes - even made a pineapple upside down bundt cake.
Tuesday - Bacon Chicken Rolls, sweet corn casserole, boiled okra
Wednesday - Baked Pork Chops, carrots, cucumber salad
Thursday - Crock pot Amish Dinner, rolls
Friday - Left overs
Saturday - Sandwiches, chips
Sunday - Burgers, chips

Okay, so I spent yesterday watching a marathon of "The Next Food Network Star" and was a little inspired. It is on the Food Network, of course, and was really interesting. Don't think Arrti should of won, I liked Tom better, but no one asked me. Daughter thinks I should enter the next one. Like if I was actually chosen I could leave the family for that many weeks. SOOO very tempting at the moment though. Besides, I don't have the foggiest notion as to what most of those cooking terms even mean. I can cook good food, but ordinary food. I have to have a recipe as well, have no idea what the egg does to the flour or how much of what spice is enough or too much. But I did learn, after watching the show, that I have been pronouncing potatoes gratin wrong all these years. My, do I sound hick when I say it. Do I care? Not at all, I have no illusions of being Julia Child or even Paula Dean (which my accent is closer to) but that is quite fine since my family doesn't eat those styles of food. Well, they would eat Paula's and listening her to talk sure reminds me of home. Especially during one of the challenges when she said one of the cooks was "cuter than a bug's ear". May just have to go back and peruse some of her recipes for even more down home inspiration. I did however find one of my old cookbooks that teaches all kinds of techniques (actually stole it from and ex-boyfriend) and pulled it out so I can maybe practice a different technique once a month...or so.

OH MY GOSH! Just when I thought we were getting a night of reprieve, the neighbors have just started up, at just after ten in the evening, can hear them in the pool and pulling out the glass bottles which causes one of the women to turn in to a really loud cackling hen. You know the laugh I mean. The pool thing? Let's just say that from in here, every time someone jumps in it sounds just like one of those mortar type fireworks going off. Good grief. Meds here I come.

Will post my progress on the sewing tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Congratulations on winning the blog give-away! And I love, love, love that hat!!!

  2. I just Love the Cloche hat! I'm sure you are going to look great! I bought two last year from Marks and Spencer here in Blighty. I just love them though my boyfriend thinks I look like miss Marple! but I don't mind, as I'll take it as a compliment! I can't wait until its Autumn so I can start wearing them again. Love the blog and I am looking forward to seeing your sewing creations! Wendy