Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Finished

I finished a sewing project. My daughter's skirt and top. As I posted, she picked the fabric and the patterns. I think it took me as long to hand stitch the hem in as it did to make the skirt. LOL She likes it, all smiles, and it fits.

I think it turned out pretty good...or well. I will say, that next time I make the pattern there will be some slight changes. The skirt is Simplicity 2606. Three pleats in front and back with elastic waist and sash in two lengths. Miss J is a bit long waisted and long legged so I cut out the longer length to make sure I had it a decent length. Don't want her starting high school with backside peeking out you know. At any rate, the longer length is actually made to be just mid knee. I ended up putting about a 3 1/2 inch hem in but figured the it would help the hem lay better. Next time I will shorten it when I cut it out and will decrease the size about two inches so it won't be quite so full. The top is Simplicity 2593 and the directions are very wrong in my opinion. I don't like how the bias cut neck band/facing is attached and finished. It leaves the seams raw. The back of the top is a little gappy, not too bad, but I think a little gathering similar to the front would help or maybe decrease the size of it as well.

It had been so long since I had sewn clothing, that I was not sure about the sizing so I went by her bust and waist size. WOW, is the sizing totally off from what she wears ready made. But, I felt it would be much easier to take it up than to try and squeeze her in. LOL I will make it again, I really think a little denim skirt from this pattern would be cute on her. There is a Simplicity sale this coming week end so will probably get her a few more patterns. She is quite interested in my sewing her some clothes now that I have her looking at the style design, not the fabric of the pattern. You know, she would say, "the dress is cute but I don't like little pink flowers." Now she sees the pleats or straight lines. Hope that makes sense.

Now, to make something for me. LOL I am so ready. I know I have some fabric waiting in the plastic bins stacked in the garage, mostly quilting fabric, but there is some larger yardage that I bought for some clothing for myself. Now that I have gotten some vintage patterns, am ready to make something with some of that fabric. There are three pieces in particular that I can already see made up in my mind. Hopefully I can get mine to fit me as well as I managed for Miss J. I barely have my machines going again and my sweet little mom is wanting to hire me to make some things for her. Which I will...just after I make something for me and a quilt for that new grand son.

Speaking of getting the machines going. I found out last night that I am very low on elastic, which makes sense because it isn't used in quilts. I had 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, a small shank of one inch, but not a piece one of the size I needed, which was 3/4 inch, for the skirt I was making. And, I have looked all over everywhere I stuck things today, I cannot find my bobbins, bodkins, pins, disc I Ito make bobbins and machine needles. No decent cutting scissors either. Guess I will have to get a list of supplies ready for a shopping trip.

Oh, and I did have that left over chicken from last night. Man was it good. Just the right amount of flavor, although the next time I make it will add a little chopped onion as well. Tomorrow will be something in the crock pot. The recipe is called Amish Dinner, the family really likes it, and I like it because it gets in a lot of vegetables with the ground beef. The quilt group at church meets in the morning and I am trying to get a bit more connected with the church so have started back in that group. Although they are not really working on any projects at the moment, I will still go for some fellowship.

Monday school starts back, daughter is so excited. I am glad to see her so happy about school as it was pure hell for me. I wouldn't go back over those years for million dollars. Well, there are a couple of things I would change, but neither of those had to do with school. LOL

Thanks for dropping in, I am off to clean up from a day of sewing, you know putting the pins and iron away, then off to a warm soak in the tub and bed early while it is quiet. I did decide that I would leave the old ironing board out and do a little ironing tomorrow. It is so hot here that I want to get a few of my cooler blouses where I can actually wear them. It is hard to believe that school and football is starting back when the temperature is in the triple digits. I am so ready for it to cool off. Wonder if I will post in winter that I am ready for it to warm up. No...I like the cooler weather. Am also hitting the gym back on a regular basis once school gets started as well, will see how those results come around. Have a good night.

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