Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NEWS update

I am really put out and seeing red. My computer caught a virus, a really nasty little piece of work. Apparently they were kind enough to have my computer notify me that it was infected, but it was an unending cycle of tossing me back to their website to pay for virus removal. Couldn't do anything to get around it either, but thankfully hubby called the computer guy at his work and they were able to get me up and running again. I hope anyway. My PC is sick, running really slow, so have been having to use my laptop for everything. Problem is, it doesn't have Word or Excel on it and I can't find where I put the office 2007 disk to load it on my laptop. I put it somewhere safe. LOL

To add to that, I went to local craft store which is having a sale, Simplicity patterns for $.99 each - all month. Well, most of our list was of course out of stock, then find out they won't be getting any more in because they are discontinuing the Simplicity line. Oh, the sales clerk was quick to add that they would still carry McCalls. Good grief, a town the size of this one and we will be down to only one shop to buy patterns. I can get them online, but the price is outrageous. And I was moaning about only one location of Walmart carrying fabric? It just gets worse it seems. I may have to learn to make my own patterns after all.

Yeah, that will happen. LOL


  1. The entire Simplicity pattern collection is being discontinued?! I always get mine when they are on sale for .99. I am mad about the fabric thing at Walmart, too. I think we should protest them! I can't imagine making my own patterns though! Yikes!

  2. I had the same virus several months ago and I finally had to have my hard drive wiped clean to get rid of it. We did one kind of cleaning first and after three days it came back and there was no getting rid of it.
    I love Butterick (sp) patterns myself but I agree I only by when they are on sell for .99 at the local Hancock Fabrics.