Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not quite as planned

So much for well intentioned plans. Thanks to the neighbors...again...I am running on low energy. The street is lined with cars, so they are gearing up for a fourth night in a row. There really should be something that could be done to stop this partying til all hours...loudly...mess.

I got daughter's skirt and top all cut out, am going to start sewing tonight, thinking about taking a dip in the pool to try and cool off. Right now, my chest is tight and am very light headed and realize that with all the late nights I have gotten off my medication routine. Not a good place to be. Ah, but this too shall pass.

I cooked my chicken dish. It smelled so good, looked so good, and will eat it tomorrow night as hubby decided he wanted to get a burger. I took cream cheese and mixed chopped black olives, diced green chile peppers and bacon bits together to make a filling which I spread on to the skinned boneless chicken breast, which I had flattened, then rolled them up and wrapped bacon strips around it. Spread left over filling over the top and sprinkled with seasoning salt and bread crumbs, covered with foil and popped in the oven. Like I said, will eat it tomorrow night since hubby has meeting to go to. It will just be daughter and I so at least won't have to cook again. Maybe I can get something cut out for me. It takes forever to cut out for me. I can sew pretty quickly though, depends on what I am making. I need to make newest grand son a quilt soon too. Saw the cutest denim fabric with embroidered sports balls on it which I think will be great for the back. Maybe a log cabin design with the center square out of fabric that has sport things on it.

Okay, enough of a break. Need to go take allergy medicine and then start sewing and see how it goes the rest of the evening.

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